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Magick: Book Two of the Dragonfly Chronicles Review

About Magick

THE DRAGONFLY CHRONICLES – Four powerful sisters, hidden through time, fighting for love and a chance to save the world.

Magick: Book Two of The Dragonfly Chronicles: Fury and guilt assail Hauk, a fierce Viking warrior, after he allows false healers to cure his family to death. When he’s ordered to capture the Great Witch of the Woods in Northumbria, he doesn’t anticipate that his hatred for all things magick would be challenged by a long-legged beauty with sparking brown eyes.

Even with her great healing powers, Merewin’s fear of failure nearly cripples her resilient spirit. Strong wills clash as Merewin and Hauk battle their instant attraction. Can Hauk trust a healer with his remaining family and with his heart? Can Merewin conquer her own pride to love this powerful man who possesses an unacknowledged magic of his own? In the end Merewin and Hauk must put their faith in each other and in their love. For love is the only magick that can heal someone’s soul.

My Review of Magick: Book Two of The Dragonfly Chronicles:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s the second of the Dragonfly Chronicles and is really a very enduring story. Merewin finds strength where she thought she would lose everything and it made for a heartwarming story about how love really can change everything.

If you enjoy Viking era romance then this is a great book for you. What I really love about this book is that even though it has the lusty scenes and desire in between it’s not a romance book that is filled with crazy passion, but has a great story behind it and a slow love that forms between Merewin and Hauk.

My Rating of this book


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