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Make Money Blogging: Blogsvertise Review

Making money as a blogger has come back into the spotlight recently and as  blogger of 10 years I have decided to highlight some of the ways I have made money over the years, by reviewing each company I worked with.

For my first post I have randomly chosen Blogsvertise. This is a company I have worked very well with in the past and they have always paid me when I reach payout. Over the years they have changed how they work and still use page rank as a means to decide a blogs worth. They also have a nice program where if you log in a few times a week your blogs are moved up and promoted more to advertisers.

Blogsvertise is easy to use and you can add multiple blogs per account. You are required to allow ads from them on your blog in order to get paid posting opportunities and for me this is a huge downside. I like to keep my sidebars organized and advertise seasonally, with this requirement I feel I am forced to put up ads that have nothing to do with my blog or what I am currently talking about.

If you had talked to me three years ago about Blogsvertise I would have told you to check it out as a new blogger, now unfortunately I can not say that. Though they do pay and they have some good opportunities, they have drastically changed how they handle payouts and since I am not taking every spammy opportunity they offer, they have quite a few. I have not received money from them that is owed to me for two years.

I have contacted them about a special payout and I would have to pay a $20 fee to get my money. That’s is crazy and not the norm for other blogging companies. This is the main reason I will not recommend them anymore. As in my opinion they are making it very hard for me to collect money I have earned.

They also tend to take back opportunities that you have already completed. I have written out and posted sponsored content for them only to be told that I will not receive payment because the advertiser does not have it and that I need to remove the post. This is yet another reason I no longer recommend them to bloggers.

Have you used Blogsvertise? What is your experience?

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