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Masqueiade: Book Three of The Dragonfly Chronicles Review

About Masqueiade

THE DRAGONFLY CHRONICLES – Four powerful sisters, hidden through time, fighting for love and a chance to save the world.

Masqueiade: Book Three of The Dragonfly Chronicles:

Orphanage director by day, jewel thief by night. Using her magic to rob from the rich to keep the orphanage running seems like the perfect solution until Kat steals from the wrong man, a man who sees through her magic, a man who can see the scars she hides from the world.

Toren MacCallum is cursed. An old witch tore him from his sixteenth century world and threw him into the twenty-first century. But he’s found an ancient dragonfly necklace to bait the witch to return him to his time. For he must find a way home to save his sister and his clan from disappearing off the pages of history.

When a mysterious woman steals the necklace in front of a hundred witnesses, the witch, followed by a storm of demons, sends Kat and him to Elizabethan England. Toren agrees to return the necklace, but he won’t give up the greater prize, the thief who’s stolen his heart.

My Review of Masqueiade

This was a different book and not what I expected it to be at all. The story starts in 1983, when Kat is delivered to the Orphanage that she grows up in. Then as an adult Kat is thrown back in time with Toren who was sent from another time!

What I do love about this book is that it involves two people from two different times coming together as soul mates. It’s so mind-blowing when you think that Kat is actually from a time before Toren, but to her she’s from the modern world. If this could ever happen and it happened to me I think my mind would be a huge jumble, but it does make for interesting reading.

This is a great story of emotional strength and the ability to give up everything you know to take a chance on a person you love. You’ll understand that once you finish reading Masqueiade.

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