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Match.com Review: 6 Months In

I signed up to try out match.com for 6 months. I thought if I spent a bit of money and could actually contact some people I would be able to meet some decent men. Well I have to say after 6 months I have met no one and only had two men respond. Yes two!

The service really doesn’t do anything to help you find a good match. I know these sites don’t want to put looks first, but they need to not send matches that are not looking for your body type. I am a bigger girl, not huge but big and most of my matches are looking for athletic/thin. Most men are very picky when they put only that down and I’m so tired of wasting my time writing them, that I’ve actually stopped.

I have 6 more months free as I have not met anyone yet, but I’m not sure if I will continue to use the service. I think it can work, if you can find someone to talk to you.

Overall I give match a 5/10 rating, the downside is you have to pay, you can’t get your money back and most people don’t message you back. If you have a different experience I would love to hear about it.

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