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Online Dating and Anxiety

So I have been using online dating for many, many years. Yes I am still single. Lets just say it doesn’t work for everyone and since I live in the middle of no where it’s hard to meet good single men. Most of the single guys around me have been married and want to just sleep around or they just want to sleep around.

Anyway I do admit that some of my lack of success has been me and my Anxiety. At first when I found out I had this problem I put on my profile that I understand that men have trouble handling this and no harm done if you don’t think you can. After just one week of sharing just a small bit about my anxiety I have found that it was not that men could not handle it, I was just attracting the wrong men, men who are more like boys then men in my mind. Nothing wrong with that if it’s cute, but if it’s because they can not be an adult, well that’s just not the guy of guy I want or need right now.

So I have changed my profile and just simply say if you can’t handle my occasional insanity please move on. I have no problem admitting I sometimes blow up and act crazy, it’s the way it is and if I can’t admit that I have this issue, then I can not start to deal with it.

Oh I also added to my profile that I don’t want sex, sex talk or any of that. It has also kept most of the “one night stand guys away and that I think is helping me to get my faith in men back. I may not find a relationship, but I have already found some great friends.

Do you use online dating? What is your experience?

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