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Online Shopping Vs in Store Shopping

I have a small addiction, it’s shopping and I have found that I really enjoy shopping online more then I do in a store. In a store I am limited to just their brands, you have to then get into your car and head to another store to get something you actually want!

Okay, maybe I’m just lazy, but it’s so much easier to buy clothing online. Sites like http://www.deals4clothing.co.uk/ make it so easy to get what you need all in one place. Now my friend and I were talking about how we are always shopping online. I think for me it’s because I can usually get an amazing deal, coupons plus cash back and maybe a few other perks, these you can’t get in store. My friend agreed, but also stated that I am always returning things that I buy online because I don’t like them, they don’t fit or I just decided I didn’t want them, but really how do you know until you see them!

I know I am not the only one who does this, but I think it’s a sign of the times and with it being harder and harder to really find time to shop and stores are carrying less and less, online shopping makes sense.

Though I do have to say there is something nice about spending some amazing times with your friends and finding an amazing deal on something you know fits and you love how you look in. I’m really thinking I need to stop shopping online as much and start shopping in store, but really I just don’t think I can do it! There are just way to many great online coupons, deals and items!

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