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Planning to Buy Your Dream Home? 5 Tips for Finding the Right Neighborhood

Finding the right neighborhood is almost as important as buying your dream home. The amenities in particular locations add value to the property and make it easy to sell your home when you decide it’s time to move to something else. Finding a suitable neighborhood for your dream home is challenging because you may be priced out of an ideal location due to the rising costs. However, the following tips can help you find the right neighborhood for your dream home.

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Be open-minded

There are many neighborhoods to choose from, and even with prior research, coming into this search close-minded can cause disappointments. Avoid ruling out anything when starting so that you have a lot of options to weigh. You may find that you prefer living nicely on the water than closer to town, or a neighborhood you thought was far from work is closer to another essential amenity like your kid’s school.

Check its walkability

Walkability score measures how far you need to walk to a particular address, either for work or social amenities. If the score is low, it means you might have to use your vehicle more often, and if it’s high, then you can walk to and from your home just fine. The best way to get a feel of any neighborhood is to walk it yourself. This way, you get a clear picture of the route and other connections like sidewalks, bike paths, and access to public means of transport.

Research on amenities

Some amenities are a must-have for particular homeowners, for example, schools, good infrastructure, hospitals, and malls. Determine which social amenities you need closer to you to help you find suitable options. If you have kids, look for schools with high test scores. Search for information like enrollment statistics, students’ and parents’ reviews online, and the co-curricular activities. Once you’re through with your search online, visit the schools to get more detailed information.

Research on the area’s affordability

During these challenging economic times, you must live within your means. Particular neighborhoods, especially the high-end ones, can increase your cost of living. Although you can afford the mortgage, ensure that the cost of living doesn’t drain your finances. Research on living costs like child care, food, transportation, and compare them with your current living status. Remember that state taxes such as income and sales tax rates can take a big chunk from your income.

Research on crime rates

It’s normal to worry about your security when you move to a new location. You want your kids, assets, and yourself to be secure and not have to look over your shoulder every time you walk to the store or arrive home late from work. Real estate agents, due to the Fair Housing Act, aren’t supposed to disclose information on crime rates to clients; this bit of research falls on your shoulders.

Bottom line

As you buy your dream home, consider which neighborhood is conducive for you and your family. Take time to do your research and if you’re a busy mom, hire a real estate agent to shoulder most of the work for you. Go into this search with an open mind and take time to visit neighborhoods personally. Perform research on amenities, crime rates, walkability, and affordability.

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