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Reasons Why Exercise Improves Your Life

If you haven’t heard that exercise is good for you, then you must be living on Mars. However, are we all aware of the myriad of reasons why exercise is good for our health? There are far more benefits of developing an exercise regime than simply slimming down your waistline.

Although, for many, this is a plenty good reason in itself. Fitting in that little black dress for the party, would be great, wouldn’t it? We all know it would! But if you are interested in more than just the inches around your waist, read on:

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Prevents Illnesses and Disease

One of the major benefits of regular exercise is that it helps prevent a huge range of illnesses and diseases. Exercise has the effect of boosting high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or as it is otherwise known, ‘good cholesterol, as well as reducing the number of unhealthy triglycerides.

That’s a benefit on the molecular level! In laymen’s terms, it helps fight heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as many forms of cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes, among other things. It can also improve cognitive function. Exercise is clearly very important, especially as we get older. Unfortunately, exercise can cause injury if we are not careful, but there are many ways you can help prevent injury and help you recover from an injury, such as by using kt tape shoulder [learn more].

Energy Levels

If you incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routine, you will find that you will have improved muscle strength as well as having enhanced endurance. Exercise helps the body transport vital oxygen and nutrients around your body, making it a more efficient machine. As your organs, especially your heart and lungs, improve, you will find that you have higher energy levels to help with the kids, work, and that friend who is hard work.


If you have problems falling asleep at night, then exercise could be your ticket to some high-quality sleep. Ensure you don’t exercise right before bedtime as this has a detrimental effect as your body will be rushing with endorphins. Still, overall, if done at a reasonable time, it can help with insomnia.

Is a Natural Mood Enhancer

If you sometimes feel a little low and are not sure what to do, why not go to the gym, or for a run. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer. It floods the body with endorphins which make you feel happy. It also combats stress by fighting cortisol, the hormone which makes you feel stressed and anxious. By getting the blood pumping and really feeling your body, you are feeding the mind something healthy.

Also, the power of exercise is not just a physical thing. By being able to kee to an exercise regime and by seeing results, you will boost your levels of confidence. You will feel better equipped to achieve those life goals. In addition, by exercising you will look better and that will enhance your level of self-esteem. You will have many more happy days than you will sad days. Exercise is simply an investment in your long-term health.

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