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Saving Grace: How Having Money In The Bank Can Help Your Relationship

If there are two things we all care about in life, it’s money and love. With these behind us, we feel like we can climb any mountain. Sadly, as many couples find, money and love don’t always complement each other in the ways we might hope.

In fact, it’s impossible to count the number of couples who have broken up over money struggles. You could be the most loved up two people on the planet, but that’s not going to stop cash flow issues driving a wedge between you that you can’t overcome. 

When people tell you to save, save, save, then, it might help to remember that keeping money in the bank is about more than merely financial security. Having a decent rainy day fund to turn to when necessary could well become the life raft that keeps your relationship strong and floating through even the most challenging times. If that’s not an incentive to sort your savings out, we don’t know what is!

And, to prove just how valuable a reliable savings pot could end up being to your love life, we’re going to look at how exactly stable finances can bring you together rather than tearing you apart.

The ability to ride every storm

A couple who can weather any storm that life throws at them is always going to be healthier and last longer than two people who start bickering the moment a bill comes through higher than expected. And, guess what can make you that unshakable power team? Having money to rely on in an emergency, of course.

Ultimately, you want enough in the bank so that there’s no need to argue over even extreme financial setbacks like boiler breakages, etc. Guidelines state that you should aim to save around $10,000, but this is obviously going to vary depending on your lifestyle and needs.

So, sit down as a couple and settle on a savings rate that suits you both, then start building that fund. As simple as that, you can ensure to build your relationship on storm-proof foundations that are much more likely to stand the test of time. 

An even relationship footing

By both putting even amounts into your savings fund, you also ensure that you’re on equal footing. One thing’s sure; your relationship will soon run into rocky waters if one partner always feels like they’re paying more for things like household bills, shopping, etc. In fact, monetary inequality is a driving reason for breakups nowadays. 

By making sure that you both equally contribute to your savings, you won’t even need to question whether one party is paying more than the other when issues arise. Instead, that joint money will be there and waiting for you both to use as a bailout. 

Of course, how you manage this goal is up to you. It may be that you both set up automated direct debits to that savings account on payday. Or, you may choose to pursue specific money-making ideas together, and put savings from those pursuits into your account.

Something like a joint blog would be a good idea here, or you could even take it in turns to earn from free betting opportunities like those outlined on Free Bet. The how doesn’t really matter, as long as you can both rest easy that you’re 100% happy your savings account is an even space from which you can work through joint struggles. 

Image by Ryan Holloway: CC0 License

Less pressure on both parties

Let us not forget, either, that any form of pressure on one or both parties in a couple can lead to bickering, resentment, and ultimate breakdowns. In the worst-case scenario, things like money worries over debt and beyond can lead to communication setbacks or even secrets in your supposedly perfect pairing. Unsurprisingly, that’s never going to be a good thing.

Luckily, that’s where savings come to the rescue yet again. Let’s face it; knowing that you’ve got plenty of money to survive even in the case of job loss, etc. can drastically reduce the pressure anyone experiences. Even debt payments and sudden household problems needn’t be a worry with a sizable amount of cash set aside.

As simple as that, both parties in your relationship should be able to stop feeling the pressure in at least one aspect of their lives. And, given that most of our concerns/stresses relate to money in some way, that’s guaranteed to put you both on better grounding to come together, instead of pulling apart. 

The ability to live the lives you want

Last but by no means least, having plenty of savings set aside is the best way to ensure that you can both live the lives you desire. The idea of giving it all up for love and being happy in a hovel because you have each other may seem romantic, but you can bet the illusion would soon wear off. And, when it did, your relationship could start to fade with it.

Luckily, even individuals on lower incomes can often achieve the lifestyles they desire by simply mastering their savings at last. After all, you could put that rainy day fund towards a downpayment for a house, or even just turn to it for the occasional meal out to keep you both sane and satisfied. Perhaps you even want to explore the world together, but need to save to make that possible.

Either way, savings are, yet again, the key to success here by opening all manner of lifestyle choices that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. That alone can help to reduce relationship resentments and make sure that no party is making more compromises than they’re willing to ensure things work out. 

A final word

Are savings going to save your relationship altogether? Perhaps not, but you can bet they’ll do a damn good job at keeping you both together when you might otherwise have drifted apart. What’s more, knowing that money is no longer a problem frees you up to focus on what really matters – one another.

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