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How Self-Confidence & Self-Care Are Intimately Tied


It is impossible to be self-confident without exercising self-care. This sort of confidence is false, or filled with bravado. If you cannot prove to yourself that you are worth it through your own actions, how can you fully believe it? Sometimes viewing our actions can be more helpful and worthwhile to pay attention to. Of course you need to use self care strategies to make everything work.

But just how is self-care and self-confidence tied? Of course with each action you are showing yourself that you are worth the effort, but does it run deeper than this? How can we adopt this thinking in every facet of our lives in order to overcome negative self-beliefs and even in our darkest moments take care of ourselves with love? After all, it’s always best to treat ourselves like we are a friend we love, but how can we do so reliably when it’s so easy to fall by the wayside? We would suggest that the following advice could help:

You Feel Better

Of course, you cannot feel confident in yourself if you feel awful in your body, and we mean both physically and mentally. A lack of exercise or a good diet has been known to encourage depressive-like tendencies in people who are missing them.

You cannot be your most positive, reactive and encouraged self if you simply feel terrible waking up from day to day, and are lethargic constantly. It’s extremely possible to feel unsustainably irritable for long periods of time in this mindset. You might think that you can simply fake positive social interactions with this mindset, but that’s often not the case. Even a saint would have trouble conforming to their best self-time and time again if feeling down in the dumps.

So perhaps the first and most obvious point for great self care strategies is that self-care can help you exude positive energy, which you will simply direct and be seen as a genuinely positive person. It’s amazing how your outlook on life can change by simply exercising and meditating each morning.

You Feel Able

Reading an intelligent healthy eating blog, watching workout videos, reading about meditation, reading in general and getting enough sleep all contributes to the feeling ‘hey, I can do this!’ This sounds like some kind of simple realization, but it’s deeper than that. How many times have we eaten junk food because we feel that taking the time to cook a healthy meal is simply not possible today? How many times have we forgone attending the gym because we know we’d fall asleep on the treadmill? So much of an unhealthy life is simply feeling like a healthy approach is out of your reach. It’s a shame that this is the case. When living healthily, incrementally you begin to believe you can, because you are! This leads to the new norm, and positive self-confidence will abound from feeling able.

You Begin To Care

Part of your self care strategy plan should include being healthy. Working on your body is an act of love. Preparing a nice, healthy meal is an act of love. Sleeping on time and waking up correctly is an act of love. Each simple time you do this, you suggest ‘you are worth the effort.’ It’s not hard to see how this can lead to you feeling more your best self. You might notice self-deprecating humor starts to vanish, and you feel more like defending yourself from unjust criticism. In other words, you begin to care.

With these tips, you’re sure to find utility in this positive journey.

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