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Self-Sabotaging Leaders: How to Stop Shooting Your Business in the Foot

Employees are not the reason your business goes downhill, it is you. Many entrepreneurs suffer the longer they work on their businesses. It doesn’t take long to shoot yourself in the foot, and self-sabotage is something many entrepreneurs are fighting against constantly.

That pressure to lead and be responsible for the livelihoods of so many people can be overwhelming. So when it comes to the traits that can sabotage your business, either by yourself or external factors, what does it really take to address these? 

Are Your Employees Motivated? 

You may be hitting a rough patch, but you still need to lead from the front. You need to be an inspiring leader, which can be pressurizing, but your employees still need to have focus and motivation to do their jobs. Therefore, you need to look at offering gratitude in some ways. There are many ways to do this, through perks, compensation, recognition, and even gifts. 

In holiday seasons like Easter, you could bring employees together for gatherings, and give them and their families gifts. You can find Easter gifts for employees from G Thank You and other suppliers, but when you start to look at how employees can be demotivated, there are quick ways to turn this around. 

Are You Procrastinating?

Being a business leader can be all bluff and bluster. Being “important,” going to meetings, sitting in the backseat of taxis, and so forth, can all contribute to this self-aggrandizement. But if you are procrastinating, and you’re not getting stuff done, you need to look at your workload and delegate, or start to prioritize the most important tasks. 

Ultimately, these things need to get done, and if you are avoiding tackling these things on the same day, or leaving them to the last minute, you are going to start feeling like your business is out of control.

Understanding Self-Destruction

The one person who is responsible for the business is yourself, and if you are engaged in self-destructive behaviors, they can become a habit. You may think that you are being realistic or negative when it comes to your leadership talk because this may make you appear more human, but the important point to hammer home is when you are leading a business, it is important to step up to the plate. 

You can certainly make people feel respected and wanted by engaging with them in conversation and meeting them on their level, but because you are responsible for people’s livelihoods, you need to give them the faith that you have what it takes to succeed.

The fact is it can be a very slippery slope, especially when companies opt to outsource due to employees leaving, skillset gaps, and other problems, and while businesses all hit rough patches, you are the person who has to contain everything. 

You’ve got to look at how you self-sabotage, but also learn to reframe your perspectives. Calming stress, learning to relax, and actually stepping away from the office are some simple things that, over time, will mean that you don’t shoot your business in the foot.

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