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Social Challenges of Individuals With the Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease is a severe condition that affects part of the brain. It is an inherited disease, and children are highly likely to inherit it from their parents. When the illness is severe, it affects the individuals’ functioning, which makes people ask, is huntington’s disease a disability? Patients go through severe symptoms that may be physical, muscular, and physiological. The condition also affects the patient’s loved ones because they witness their family member’s health deteriorating.

Feeling Embarrassed

No disease should be embarrassing because no one chooses to get sick, and no one desires a permanent condition that damages their life. But, unfortunately, individuals with Huntington’s disease often find themselves embarrassed because of their condition, especially when they have the involuntary movements caused by the disease. It also gets embarrassing when people start questioning the symptoms of the disease.

People will also stare at all times and make comments that may not be kind. When people stare, it may cause anger or feelings of hatred, but you need to control your emotions at all times if you are suffering from the disease. Of course, it is easier said than done, but try to be calm, even when other people are staring or mean to you. It brings about internal peace, which is very necessary for your recovery.

Being Misunderstood

Many people do not have in-depth knowledge of Huntington’s disease. Most people may know what causes it and some of the symptoms, but most know little about it because it is not a common condition. Because of the little knowledge, many people might misunderstand individuals with the disease.

For example, when a patient has involuntary movement, some people may be quick to judge and assume that the individual is drunk or under the influence of something. Assumptions only cause pain and embarrassment to the patients and lower self-esteem. Explaining the condition to people at all times is also draining.

Stress at Home

Huntington’s disease worsens as time passes, which means that the needs of a patient increase by the day. The patients become more dependent as time passes by, and at some point, they can hardly do anything by themselves.

Patients need love and care, which is also crucial for their recovery; however, you may find that family members get tired and withdrawn at some point because of the condition of their loved ones. The moment a patient senses the mood at home, they may feel like home is no longer a safe space, which may take a toll on them. The patients may even fall into depression, but there are always ways to strengthen mental health.

Arguments and Abuse

Some of the symptoms of Huntington’s disease include irritability and mood swings. Some of these symptoms may cause a patient to say or do things that may upset other individuals. For example, patients may pick up fights or say unfair words to other people around them, and it may only be the symptoms of the disease.

Anyone with Huntington’s disease needs patience, understanding and love to overcome the situations.

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