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Sometimes, It’s Better To Let Go

Married life is tough. You have jobs, social lives, children, a house – throw it all together and you have a stress soup in a bowl. Most people can work through all the stressors when they’re married, and for those who can’t, there are counselling services to step in and try to help. There is a lot of outdated stigma surrounding marriage: put up and shut up seems to be the main consensus.

As a couple, you’re supposed to be able to work through the hard times together, but does that mean that you’re stuck for life if the hard times get too hard? Of course not. You’re supposed to live your life happily, and if that means that you call a Family Attorney to help you to work through a divorce, then that’s the heartbreaking decision that you have to make.

No one walks down the aisle imagining life will be less than happily ever after; if they did, they wouldn’t go through with it. Marriage takes a lot of work, but sometimes, it’s better to just let go.

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You may not think you can, but there are so many circumstances that lead up to someone saying that enough is enough. Most of the world could see a happy, hard working couple on the outside, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t surface tension.

Your happiness has to come before anything – yes, even the kids! Children are often used as glue to hold a couple together, but children are supposed to enhance your experience as a couple, not leave you feeling stuck together and trapped for life.

If you are in a situation right now where you are feeling unhappy and unable to leave, it’s time to examine whether your marriage is right for you. You may have kids, but that doesn’t mean that you should remain with your partner.

You can often be happier apart than staying miserable together. It can be easier to work out how to be in each other’s company when you don’t have the pressures of marriage on either side of you. It’s usually this reason that encourages people to take a break from each other for a little while before they make any solid decisions about divorce.

Finding the right attorney and counseling service to help you is the best choice that you can make at first, as they will be able to tell you what your options are. Deciding that you are unhappy doesn’t always mean that you up and pack a suitcase: speak to your partner.

There’s every chance that because you’re not voicing your unhappiness, you’re stuck. Having a conversation and ensuring that you hear one another is a good place to start. If this doesn’t end up working for you, then you can move forward and figure out what to do alone.

Your life is yours to do whatever you want. You are not obliged to remain unhappy because of loyalty to someone else.

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