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Struggling with Stress and Diabetes

I am finding that as a diabetic, people don’t care about you. After all it’s our fault we are the way we are. We are fat, ugly and ate too much sugar. That’s why we are diabetic. If we could just stop eating so much our blood sugar would go down and we wouldn’t be diabetic anymore.

Unfortunately that is not the way it works. When I get stressed out my blood sugar goes up. Normal life effects stress and it’s hard to deal with stress as a diabetic. Example: Last night a guy that I have been seeing for a few months just informed me that he lied to me the whole time and was never really interested in me. This morning I woke up with a blood sugar of 300, I just checked it before writing this and it’s 420. I’ve been spending the morning switching between the numb feeling and crying. So yes I’m a bit stressed. This stress is temporary and yes my sugar will drop when I am able to deal and move on.

Another problem I have is I also have money stress, I make $800 a month, currently I make nothing blogging as my laptop keeps crashing, oh yeah, it did it again and I actually have to send it in today to get it fixed. Good news is I do have another computer to use, but can’t access it much. So now I’m also stressed out about money. So in general my sugar is usually high anyway, around 200-250 every morning. The problem is I still have to eat something or my sugar could get worse, yes worse. You can’t just skip a meal and it will go down, your body will compensate for the lack of food, by adding sugar to your body.

Diabetes is not a simple disease, it’s complex and effects everyone differently. Did you know that diabetes falls under the Americans with Disabilities act? Yes diabetes is a disability, because it does effect your everyday life. If my blood sugar is high I should be at home resting, I should not be driving, working or anything. I need to be resting until it’s low enough where activity is safe, yes safe! Something people without diabetes never think about. I can’t just say, oh my blood sugar is over 300 I’m going to go work out. That can cause more problems with your health if you do.

The problem is society does not see us this way, they don’t understand what diabetes does and how it effects your body, me I’m depressed a lot, I can’t move much in the morning, everything hurts. Yes I’m on medications, they are not working. Diabetics also have a huge problem with doctors that don’t listen. That’s my issue and yes, I am switching doctors. Too many believe that it’s you that’s the problem, not the pills they are getting paid for to subscribe to you as many doctors do get kickbacks, making stress and diabetes even harder to control.  My point here is to find a doctor that cares more about you then the bottom line.

5 Ways to Deal with Stress as a Diabetic

  • Take a Nap, this will help you to let your body heal and keep you from doing more damage, can’t sleep, lay down for at least fifteen minutes.
  • Take a walk, but only if your sugar is low enough. Walking can really help to reduce stress and it helps control your blood sugar.
  • Meditate, This is great for everyone and can really help you get centered. You can find online websites with guided meditation or just listen to some relaxing music to get centered.
  • Talk with your friends, Friends are a great way to keep your mind off your stress unless you have friends like I do, but most don’t so I’m listing this. Talk to your best friends and let them know your stressed and not feeling well. Sometimes just sharing can really help
  • Drink Tea, This is how I distress. I sit and drink a nice cup of tea or two, I’m actually reading a great book about health benefits of tea and one is the ability to lower blood sugar! Now, adding sugar to the tea of course does not help, but my advice is to start with a flavored tea you like and sip it slowly, you will eventually get use to the non-sweet taste. If not drink water instead. (keep an eye out for my review of the book coming soon!)

The point is that stress effects everyone in horrible ways and as a diabetic it can have some very major consequences on you. Are you a diabetic? How do you deal with your stress and high blood sugar?

2 thoughts on “Struggling with Stress and Diabetes

  1. MOON’er stopping by..

    I had a lot of issues with my sugar a few years back before I got pregnant with my daughter.. I found that for me- not a full blown diabetic- that when I did yoga often, I had fewer issues with my sugar. I attribute this to the muscle mass I was putting on.. I think it helps the body process everything better. It also decreased my stress…

    There are lots of videos on youtube that are free that you can watch to get you started. It isn’t easy- especially when the sugar makes you feel sick,, but once you get going it helps!

    It takes so much work, and people do really underestimate the health issues it causes. I had a friend who’s father crashed his car in a sugar episode.. he died. It is no light matter.
    Hope you can get into balance!

  2. I did yoga a few years ago, but stopped. Maybe I will have to try it out again. I know it helped with my stress but I didn’t pay much attention to my sugar levels. Thanks for the tip!

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