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Swimming Pool Fitness: Water Activities to Lose Weight

You are standing in the water, wading your way to the edge of the pool. Then, you feel your feet start sinking into the ground, and you realize that this is where it all begins. It is what you’ve been working for all these months, a new physical activity routine that has helped you lose weight and tone up while enjoying yourself! It’s time to get started with swimming pool fitness activities!

Walk-in Water

Exercises in the water can be a great way to lose weight. It can burn up to 600 calories per hour. Aquatic trainers usually have a ton of exercise that can help you enjoy your water workouts. First, ensure that the trainer has their water aerobics certification for safety and confidence in the activities. Then, they will guide you on how best you can tone your body and achieve your goals. 

Walking in the water can be a great way to exercise. There are also simple exercises that you can do by yourself, like walking into the deep end of any pool and walk back out using as long strides as possible without touching the bottom or letting your feet get too close together. Repeat this three times for each foot. You will notice that you have more energy to use when not getting weighed down with gravity!


Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise globally, and for a good reason. Swimmers not only get a great cardiovascular workout, but they also strengthen their core muscles since swimming requires stabilization from all sorts of different angles to keep your head above water while moving. 

It’s also easy on joints because it doesn’t involve too much pressure or impact like running can have. In addition, studies show that swimmers are less likely than other athletes to suffer injuries such as asthma attacks that physical exertion may trigger. 

Tuck Jump

Tuck jumps are good for your heart and lungs. To do a tuck jump, bend at the knees and hips so that you’re in a low squat position with heels on the ground; then press off of both feet to lift explosively as high as possible before landing softly back into starting position. Tuck jumps combine an upper and lower body movement, requiring muscle control from head to toe, an excellent way to increase strength. 

The Bicycle

The bicycle is a fun exercise that everyone can do at the pool. You may need to use your arms for balance, but it’s worth it! Start with some easy back and forth pedaling or front pedal only in shallow water. Then progress to using both pedals while standing up on your tippy-toes. Do as many sets of one minute as you want; be sure not to tire yourself out too much before taking a break.

Use Weights in the Pool

When you’re in the pool, it’s an excellent time to practice your weightlifting skills. Take some weights with you and hop on the first available bench or ledge in the shallow end of the pool. Start by using light weights and slowly increase as you get stronger: you can do this while doing laps! 


In conclusion, there are many ways to get in shape without sweat and hard work. Swimming pool fitness is an excellent way for beginners as well as seasoned swimmers alike to stay fit!

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