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Taking Care of Yourself Around a Return to Work

The past couple of years have seen major changes in all of our day-to-day lives. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in social distancing rules and guidelines, implemented by governments around the world, in a bid to slow and minimize the spread of the virus.

This has resulted in further change, particularly changes to the way that we work. To comply with guidelines, many companies encouraged staff to work from home and to avoid heading into the office. Some have loved this. Some can’t wait to get back into the office.

But considering the rollout of vaccines around the world and many workplaces being eager to get staff back in working on a face-to-face basis, many of us are now preparing ourselves for a switch back to office life. It’s important that we take good care of ourselves around this. Here’s some more information that can help you to achieve this.

Decide What You Want

First, you’re going to have to make sure that you have a good idea of how you’d like your work-life to look from now on. Many workplaces are offering the choice of remote work, the choice of office work or even a hybrid situation. There are perks that come hand in hand with all of these options, so you need to consider which most appeal to you. If you are a social person and like heavy interaction with many people on a day-to-day basis, a return to the office could be better for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you prefer working from home, you may prefer to stick with having more time to yourself, no commuting, saving money on parking and lunch, and other perks that come hand in hand with remote work. Once you have a good idea of what you want, talk to your workplace to see if they can accommodate it. You may need to compromise, or, if your workplace is entirely unwilling to compromise, you could find you’re better off seeking an alternative job that better suits your needs and preferences.

Phased Returns to Work

In order to return to work comfortably and without becoming overwhelmed, you may want to consider a phased return to work. This will give you the opportunity to ease yourself back into office life. Perhaps one day a week. Then two days a week. Then three days a week. Then four and five. Many workplaces will be happy to accommodate this.

Make Sure to Stick to Your Appointments

Some people find it daunting or difficult to secure time off work to attend routine health checks and appointments. It’s important that you negotiate with your workplace to accommodate this, as keeping on top of your health and wellbeing is extremely important. Make sure that you can be permitted time to visit the doctor, dentist, an audiologist about the best hearing aids, cervical screening, prostate examinations, and other appointments that your doctor may recommend for you.

Pack Healthy Lunches

All too many of us tend to eat unhealthily when we return to the office. This is due to forgetting or feeling we don’t have time to bring our own, healthy food along and turning too fast food outlets, takeaways, microwave-ready meals, or junk food snacks when we return to work. Instead, make a concentrated effort to create some healthy packed lunches to take with you.

Consider packing healthy snacks throughout the day too. There are countless options out there – you don’t have to stick with a plain sandwich every day. Consider pasta, salads, sushi, wraps, and more. For snacks, you could try carrot or cucumber sticks with a hummus dip, vegetable crisps, baked oats with fruit, and more.

It can also be healthy to make sure you have a few supplements ready to keep you at the top of your nutritional game. A good multivitamin, a fish oil tablet, and even vitamin D can help. For those that live fit and healthy lifestyles, a more curated product in the form of a NAD supplement can make all the difference. In the long run, you’ll feel better for your efforts.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to returning to the workplace and maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional health all at the same time. The good news is that with a little effort, you can help to improve your health during this period and there’s always the option of other workplaces if you feel that things aren’t quite working out for you. Take time to settle in, reduce pressure on yourself and enjoy yourself. This should all help to keep you on track!

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