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The Apocalypse Calendar Book Review

The Apocalypse Calendar

When Professor Frank Miller and his team of university geologists stumble across a strange cave containing an even stranger treasure, it’s only natural that they would take the treasure home for closer study. But there is talk among the locals of an ancient curse, and the truth behind the supposed Moctezuma’s Treasure turns out to be stranger than anyone could have imagined.

Author Emile A. Pessagno, Jr. takes readers on a heart-stopping journey as a rapid increase in natural disasters around the globe reveals unprecedented turmoil in the interior of the earth, sending humankind hurtling toward obliteration.

Miller and his group make a startling observation: the sudden increase in disasters seems to correlate with the group removing the treasure from the Mexican cave . . .

Can Frank Miller and his team manage to replace the treasure and avoid catastrophe before it’s too late—or have they unwittingly paved the way for the prophesied Apocalypse?

My review of The Apocalypse Calendar

This was a book that took me a bit to get into, not because of the subject matter, I am a huge fan of the end of the world books and movies, but because of the writing. Now that said I did also take a while to get into twilight, because of the writing and The Apocalypse Calendar is better written and has a much better story in my adult opinion. I think some of my problem was that the book starts with short chapters and that is not something I’m fond of.

Now, to why I do love this book. It’s interesting in that it talks about things that could actually happen and uses the authors own experience as a way to really push the story along. I love that so much, because it brings the human form into all of this apocalypse stuff and it’s a different take on the end of the world then what we normally hear about.

I did find the whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking… This should be a movie. Unfortunately by the time they made it it would be null and void, but it would still make a really good movie!

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