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The Places You Should Visit if You Really Want to Expand Your Horizons

Travel is all about expanding your horizons and seeing things that you’ve never been before. But that doesn’t mean all possible travel plans are going to enlighten you; many of them don’t really expand your horizons in any way at all. If you’re tired of traveling to places and not really seeing or experiencing anything new or unfamiliar to you, it’s up to you to find new travel ideas that you can take forward.

There are so many fantastic travel ideas out there that will help you to get more from your travels and expand your horizons at the same time. If you’re not sure where to start or which travel options are going to be right for you, this guide will help you out a lot. No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for or which part of the world you’re looking to head to next, you’re sure to find something that works for you below.

Head to Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Chichen Itza in Mexico is a ruin from Mayan times. The pyramid-like structure was once used to carry out ancient rituals, and considering its age, it’s in quite remarkable condition today. There are light shows that are put on during evenings to show off the incredible architecture of the structure and draw in tourists. You should definitely take a look because this is a structure that’s been around for about 1400 years now.

See a Different Side to Russia

Russia is an incredible place and a place that varies across its huge land mass. If you have a view of Russia that’s mainly gathered from 80s spy movies, you’re missing out because that’s a pretty one-sided view of the country and its people. Saint Petersburg is a stunning city with 19th century architecture to rival any in the world in terms of style and beauty. There are plenty of museums and galleries in the city, and all these experiences together will help you form a view of a different side to Russia.

View Canadian Polar Bears in the Wild

Canadian polar bears can be seen relatively close, and that’s something that you should make the most of. Churchill is the place you need to go to if you want to do this safely and with people who know what they’re doing. While you’re there, you can get a taste for the arctic way of life, which is quite different to life in other parts of Canada. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the polar bears as they head from one hunting ground to the next as the seasons change.

Experience the Holi Festival in India

Holi Festival in India is an ancient Hindu festival, and it’s starting to gain more of a global following thanks to images beamed around the world of the festival in full swing. During Holi Festival, people get together in streets and public places and they through paint and powdered colours all over each other for the duration of the day and night. As long as you don’t ruining the clothes you’re wearing, it’s an awful lot of fun to take part in.

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Stay in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

There is a retreat in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco called Kasbah du Toubkal. It’s a place that you should definitely think about heading to because it offers artisan experiences that are authentic to the region, and it will show you a way of life in Morocco that you probably never knew existed before know. In that regard, it will truly open your eyes and expand your horizons in ways you never expected; that has to be a good thing for you.

See Wildlife Conservation First-Hand in Kenya

The wildlife on display in Kenya is second to none. This is where you find some of the world’s most beautiful animals, as well as some of the most endangered. That’s why extensive conservation efforts take place in these locations, and you can see and experience them first-hand by heading to Kenya and getting involved. It really makes you appreciate the fragility of life on earth, as well as the lengths good people will go to to protect it.

Witness the Northern Lights in Norway

Norway has a lot to offer, but among the most impressive natural wonders not only in Norway but in the world is the Northern Lights display. Watching those green and blue lights rush through the sky directly above your head is an exceptional experience, and one you will certainly never forget. There are trips that take you to locations where you’re likely to see the lights but nothing is for sure because they can be pretty illusive. Many people make the trip and don’t get to see them.

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that you simply have to experience for yourself if you haven’t already. It’s set entirely in the natural landscape of Iceland, and you will be stuck between wanting to close your eyes and relax and also wanting to stare at the mountains and hills around you. There are few experiences in the world as majestic and relaxing as this one, so be sure to make the most of it.

Discover Hidden Greek Culture in Santorini

Greek culture has been around since ancient times, and that means there is a lot of it that’s worth exploring. The dwellings that are carved into the cliffs in Santorini look incredible and they’ve been there for hundreds of years. If you’ve never been here, it’s a must-visit location. It’s incredibly relaxed and stunningly beautiful. And you will have plenty of chances to learn about Greek history during your stay. The Kapari Natural Resort is one of the best places to stay too so check it out.

Camp in Yosemite Valley, USA

Nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains, you’ll find Yosemite Valley in the USA. It’s one of the most beautiful places to camp in all the Americas, so if you’re an avid camper, you owe it to yourself to see the place at least once in your life. If you don’t, you will almost certainly end up regretting it later. As you can see from the photo below, it’s a place of stunning natural beauty and there is so much of it to explore. Don’t miss out on the chance to do just that.

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Relax at the Top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands offers stunning views over Singapore when you’re at the top. It’s the kind of place where you can meet local people and relax at the same time. If there’s one place you head to when you’re in Singapore, this is the place. You can find plenty of great properties for rent Singapore, and it’s not a particularly expensive to stay there. The views at the top of Marina Bay Sands are even better once the sun goes down and Singapore’s nightlife awakens.

Climb Up to the Ancient City of Machu Picchu in Peru

If you don’t mind taking a hike, it’s definitely worth heading up to the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru. It’s a one of a kind location, and you won’t find anywhere like this in other locations. You have to hike up to it because there’s no other way of getting there, but it’ll be more than worth it because you’ll be free to explore a city that was vacated hundreds of years ago by an ancient civilization. It’s been preserved incredibly for all those years since.

Go Scuba Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Scuba diving is a great idea for anyone who wants to learn more about life is like under the ocean. There’s a lot going on below the surface, and if you have a good instructor with you, it can be a lot of fun. You will be dazzled by the beauty of it all and hopefully learn a lot while you’re at it. At the very least, you’ll learn a new skill. The best place to scuba dive is the Galapagos Islands. If you stick around, the wildlife on land is worth exploring too.

See Zhangye Danxia in China

If you’ve never seen Zhangye Danxia in China, you won’t be able to believe your eyes when you eventually get the chance to see it up close in person. It really is that impressive, and it’s the kind of place you think only exists in crazy dreams, but this is very much real. The rocky terrain is covered in striped colors of all kinds. It’s very easy to sit and look at it for a long time because you become transfixed by the beauty of it all. It demonstrate the wonder of nature perfectly.

These locations all offer interesting activities, the best cultural activities and the ability for you to make memories that will last for a lifetime. Choose the ideas that have been discussed here and start making arrangements to make them happen for you sometime soon. You won’t regret it.

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