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The Steps To Happiness After A Stressful Event

The worst thing you could ever imagine just happened. You can’t believe that your life is now so different, it will never be the same or even close to the same. You feel different, act different and though others don’t see it you think you even look different.

The moment after a stressful event can seem like the fallout from a nuclear explosion. There’s this deadly quiet, and you just want to process everything that’s just happened. When you undergo something incredibly stressful in life, it seems that the sensible thing that everybody tells you to do is to keep going. But does this give you the opportunity to truly recalibrate? And, furthermore, is it going to make you feel happier? Taking the steps to happiness after a stressful event is different for each and every one of us, but they can comprise of a few of these aspects.


Achieving closure can be the equivalent of putting that line in the sand, giving us the opportunity to move on. We all achieve closure in our own unique ways. Sometimes we need distance in order to process everything, but sometimes we need a definite statement.

When we have undergone something stressful, especially in terms of a life-threatening situation, we may feel that this event needs closure through specific processes. This could explain why so many people feel they have to sue others. With legal specialists like KMH&L Attorneys At Law, it becomes part of that process of finalizing what has happened to you. It gives you the opportunity to acquire that redemption.

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When you’ve been through the mill, your health and happiness take a backseat. It’s at this point that you need to remember what you used to do to look after yourself.

It could be about learning to improve your health all over again because you’ve acquired unhealthy habits, or it could be about stepping away from everything, focusing on what you think is important to you, and doing this.

You might even find that adding something into your life is the answer, whether it’s buying a Shakti Mat or using the best CBD oil on the market to help you relax, it’s important to find the right thing for you.

Self-care is crucial. When we spend so long going through a stressful situation, such as looking after the ones we care about, we have to remember that we’ve prioritized everything over our own needs. 


A healthy way to progress towards happiness after a stressful time. You may not even feel like smiling or laughing, but learning to cultivate a sense of optimism can be a little stepping stone towards feeling like yourself again. Optimism isn’t about plastering a smile on your face and pretending everything is okay, but it’s about learning how to see the good in the bad things.

When we undergo a stressful incident we can look at it as something that can help us to learn from our mistakes. Or it can be one of those things that can make a stronger in the long run. It’s important that we get out of our comfort zone but when we undergo something incredibly stressful, this completely rips out of our comfort zone. This means that getting back to some sense of equilibrium proves difficult, and maintaining a sense of optimism can be even harder. But this is why learning a new outlook can help you to start again, as well as minimize stress.

Happiness can seem like a long way away when we’ve been through a bad time. But happiness isn’t about completely renovating your internal thoughts, it’s about gradually heading in the right direction.

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