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Three Travel Ideas For Older Adults

One of the best parts of the “golden age” is the ability to travel without the worry of requesting vacation days, wrangling little kids, or worrying about scheduling travel months in advance. As long you’ve planned for retirement and have the budget to travel, exploring the United States or international travel areas is an excellent activity for older adults. 

If you’re itching for a change of scenery, you might find one of these trip ideas the inspiration for your next getaway.

two senor couples traveling. They are on a street with shops

Take A Long Cruise

Many cruise lines are now back in action after being closed for a large part of the pandemic. A long cruise can be a perfect vacation for older adults without restrictive, limited vacation days that come with a regular job. 

With planned meals, pre-determined activities and excursions, and plenty of onboard entertainment options, there’s no pressure to plan every single day of your trip. Often, security is built-in through the cruise staffing, and the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day on the ship is always there. 

If you’re under the care of a physician, you’ll want to get their pre-approval for travel. And, if you’re planning on any swimming or underwater excursions, be aware that some activities cause damage to hearing aids

Plan a Multi-State Vacation

In early to mid-life vacations, most people choose one destination and spend a week exploring that one city or town. However, planning a multi-state vacation can be a nice change of pace for older, retired adults in good health.

For example, instead of spending your entire trip in New York City, why not plan a trip that includes sightseeing in Canada (Niagra Falls is a great destination), NYC, and maybe some of the Jersey Shore? 

Or, if you’re up for a grand adventure, head out west to the Grand Canyon and stick around to see the Arizona desert, too. 

Make It A Family Affair

For senior adults with a big family, you likely have children or grandchildren all over the country. Planning travel that includes visits to multiple family members can be a bit daunting but very rewarding. 

If you have family close by, plan a trip along with your local family to spend time with them as you see relatives. Or, load up the grandkids and take them with you to give their parents a break. 

There are plenty of vacation housing options that cater to families or senior adults – just choose a destination that has something for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

Before you head out on your epic journey, it’s essential to let others know of your plans. Share an itinerary with close contacts that include information like where you plan to stay, routes you plan to take, or flight information. 

You’ll also want to take along your medication information, extra refills of any prescriptions, and leave your emergency contact information behind with someone who can act on your behalf. 

As you age, there are plenty of stressors to worry about, but traveling as a senior adult can be a joyful way to spend your days. Keep a notebook with destination ideas, and start checking off your bucket list dreams today.

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