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Tips And Tricks To Help You Take Amazing Photos For Your Business Instagram Page

Social media is one of the best marketing tools that businesses have at their disposal, especially small businesses with limited budgets. It’s cheap to advertise yourself on social media but if you get it right, you can connect with a lot of potential customers. 

There are a lot of different platforms but Instagram is one of the best because it has a great visual aspect. It’s the ideal place to post pictures and videos of your products, but it’s only effective if you know how to create the perfect photos. These simple tips will help you improve your photos and get more out of Instagram.

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Use A Consistent Color Palette 

Branding is essential for businesses and that needs to carry over onto your Instagram profile. Some of the most effective pages use a consistent color palette in all of their photos, so it’s worth thinking about the colors that you use on your website and the rest of your branding materials. If you keep elements of that color scheme in all of your Instagram photos, it helps you create a strong brand identity. 

Add A White Border 

This is a great little trick that makes your images stand out from everything else on the feed. A simple white frame highlights your image so it catches people’s eye, which is so important when you’re on Instagram.

Check out https://backlightblog.com/white-frame-for-instagram for a quick guide to help you add frames to your images. People scroll through thousands of images on Instagram and a lot of them get ignored. Having a white frame around the edge might only seem like a small thing, but it does make a big difference. 

Understand Lighting 

Understanding how lighting works is essential if you want to take amazing Instagram photos. Ideally, you should shoot in natural light where possible because it just looks so much better.

When shooting in low-light, spend some time experimenting with different lighting options to find what works best. You can check out https://www.teenvogue.com/story/instagram-lighting-tips-and-hacks-from-the-pros for more tips and tricks about lighting. 

Create Good Captions 

People often forget about the captions but they’re so important. You’ve created an amazing image and grabbed the attention of a potential customer, now you can use your caption to seal the deal. So, make sure that you create good captions with a call to action that encourages the viewer to interact with you further.

Maybe include a link to your website so they can buy a product or ask them to like and share the image. Think about what you are trying to achieve with your posts and make sure that the captions on your images push you further towards that goal.

Connect With Influencers 

If you want to get the best out of your Instagram posts, you should connect with influencers as much as possible. Influencers that have a huge following can help to boost your posts and get them seen by a lot of people. So, make an effort to build relationships with influencers as much as possible. 

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you can take amazing photos for your business Instagram page.

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