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Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Body Relaxed During Your Pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy is unhealthy for many reasons and should undoubtedly be avoided as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is almost always much easier said than done for many pregnant women. The need to work, plan, and stay in shape to maintain a particular lifestyle can add to increased levels of strain and anxiety for pregnant women. Here are four essential practices all pregnant women should consider attempting to relieve stress and maintain a healthy state of relaxation.

1. Stop, wind down and accept your condition

For many pregnant ladies, attempting to stop and wind down will be a hard thing to do. It can be common for people today to look negatively at the idea of sitting and doing nothing. However, many of us have been hard-wired to keep busy and keep striving for progress that the idea of stopping comes across as a strange and unsettling notion.

You may have been the kind of person who hates to stop and do nothing for any time, but now things are very different. When you are pregnant, your body needs incredible amounts of energy to perform a wide array of constant and complex processes. This activity saps your strength and demands recovery. You should try and learn to accept that you need to rest frequently and that you will have to make time to quite literally let your body catch up. 

2. Pursue light exercise

Your fitness levels profoundly impact your body’s capability to withstand and endure. As your pregnancy progresses, your exercise sessions should have to lower intensity by quite a margin. Still, generally, light exercise can prove extremely helpful in forcing your body to relax. Increased levels of light activity are likely to result in better sleep cycles, leading to fewer feelings of stress and greater feelings of relaxation.

Certain endorphins are released when you work out that help to keep you feeling happy and emotionally sound. Just make sure you wear comfortable and supportive clothing – check out some of the best maternity bras to find one that will give you both comfort and support while you are moving around.

Swimming is an excellent choice of activity as it allows you to feel a sense of weightlessness when your body dips below the waterline. In addition, gentle swimming is a way to get valuable exercise and a brief break from the burden of gravity. 

3. Eat Well. 

Nutrition is essential from preconception, pregnancy, and beyond, especially if you plan to breastfeed. Essentially, try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, plenty of protein, and keep your sugar intake down to a minimum to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

4. Get out for fresh air and sun rays

Getting outside might be the last thing on your mind towards the end of your pregnancy term, but it’s a very healthy idea in the stages leading up to labor. Nothing brings relaxation to the soul like a cool breeze, fresh air, and small doses of direct sunlight. When you’re feeling cooped up and a bit claustrophobic about your surroundings, there’s no substitute for getting outside and exposing your skin to some good old vitamin D.

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