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Top 5 Things People Forget To Do When Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new home is a big deal, isn’t it? There’s a ton to organize, from the movers and packers to changing over your utilities and the children’s school, and then decorating the new house. Among all of that, you are bound to forget something! It’s just that you’ve spent so long searching for houses in the right areas, and looking around schools. Planning the costs of your internet and utilities is the last thing on your mind.

With it being common to forget things when you are moving to a new home, it’s important to check out as many checklists that you can to ensure that you don’t miss out on something vital that you should have remembered. Below, you’ll find five of the top things that people tend to forget when they’re moving house. Now, you will be as organized as you can!

5 Mistakes not to make when moving to a new home

1. Not Labeling Boxes

Seriously, the number of people who pack a box, seal a box and get it in the van without actually giving the box a label is tragic. You’re either going to have all of your boxes stacked in one room with no idea what’s in each one, or you’re going to have to unpack everything all over again to make sure you know where you’ve put all your things. The trick is to label the boxes and put them empty into each room so that as you pack and seal, they’re already done.

2. Forgetting Packing Gear

Have you forgotten the bubble wrap? There are plenty of places online that you can buy the right packing materials from so that you don’t put those fragile items away without thought or care. Also start saving all those junk mail flyers a few months before your move, they make great packing material.

3. Not Setting Up Utilities

Cancelling your utilities at the property you’re about to leave is easy enough, but you need to remember to set them up again at your new home. When it comes to your internet and television package, there’s a chance your current provider doesn’t service your area. Don’t panic, look at this link and see if you can find any great deals there instead. You’ll save money while getting a great service, and you can have it all set up before you move in!

4. Not Making A Box Of Essentials

You need to access chargers, tea and coffee and generally things that you reach for on a daily basis. This is likely going to be the first box that you open at the new house, so make sure that it’s the last on the van and it’s labelled for the kitchen.  The last thing you want to be doing in your new home is looking for where your coffee is. Also don’t forget to add a mug or two to that box!

5. Not Booking A Cleaner – Twice

Not only do you need to ensure that you leave the property that you’re in looking sparkling clean, you want to move into a house that’s cleaned to your standards. Consider paying for a specialist cleaner to clean the new house before you move in as well as your property that you’re moving into. You’ll find that it can make a huge difference to your whole moving experience and allow you to concentrate on your move, not cleaning

You can remove the stress out of your house move if you plan it correctly. Make that list and check it twice!

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