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Uncorked Ventures Wine Club Review

I love trying new wine and when I was asked to review Uncorked Ventures Wine Club I was really excited. I waited very impatiently for my box of wines and when it arrived I was so excited that I opened one of my bottles right away!

I received both a red and a white wine and being a huge fan of red I opened that one first. It was really good and had a wonderful bold taste. I really enjoyed it. The white wine was crisp and refreshing. I would personally love to get this as a gift. It’s simple yet something I can enjoy.

What I love most is that these are not cheap wines they are good quality and really showcase some great California wines. 

The concept for Uncorked Ventures emerged during a family vacation to South America. While sipping on Pisco Sours along with wines from Chile and Argentina, two brothers-in-law (Matt Krause & Mark Aselstine) discussed their passion for food and wine, as well as their desire for something different, something better.
That something different, something better is Uncorked Ventures.
Uncorked Ventures


The Wine Clubs

There are three choices for the wine club, you can get:

red and a white wine ($40 a month)

Two Red Wines, Higher quality Wine $90

Two or Three Red Wines Highest Quality Wine $195


Gift Sets for the Holidays

Uncorked ventured also has a few great gift baskets for anyone who is a wine lover. Check out everything they have to offer on their website!

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