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Unique Faith Journal: Learn Lettering

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who has just started their faith journey or is already a devout Christian? This unique faith journal may be just what you have been looking for. I was selected to review this very fun and creative journal a few weeks ago. When I received the journals I was so excited to open them up and see what made them different. I was also asked to review two other journals those reviews will be coming soon.

Faith and Lettering Journal

What intrigues me most about this journal is how detailed everything is. From the instructions to the illustrations, this is just a very beautiful journal. When you first open the journal you learn what faith and lettering is and also how to use the journal. This journal is a little different that other journals. It does contain places to write your thoughts and dreams, but also includes places to practice your lettering skills and hone this unique craft.

There are also inspirational sayings and quotes to help you on your way. I love how inspiring they are. When you use this book you will find that everything speaks to you in some way and that is a very rare thing.

The unique faith journal is a hardcover journal. It includes a spot to hold a couple of pencils so everything is kept together. I love that they have put some thought into how this journal can be used. They make it easy to take with you and use it in daily life. The journal would be a great tool to take notes during a sermon or to reflect on a bible study. The uses are really many.

I could also see this journal being used by someone just starting their journey to Christ. As a young teen, I would have loved this journal when I was going through confirmation. We used notebooks, but I think as a young woman this journal would have been more fun to use.  Not only can you explore your faith in words, but with art as well.

You can buy this Unique Faith Journal on Amazon here

About the Author and Artist: Krystal Whitten

I rediscovered my love of hand-lettering shortly after a spiritual reawakening in my life. As my appreciation for God’s Word grew into a deep love of truth, lettering became the way I could meditate on it.

One day as I worked online at my computer, I stumbled upon a hand-lettered piece of art. It was beautifully done, and I was immediately inspired to try the technique myself.

My first attempt was Exodus 14:14. I remember penciling and erasing, penciling and erasing. The slower process of drawing it and repeating it to myself became a powerful tool for memorization. How exciting that I could do something fun as a means of learning Scripture! Hand-lettering Bible verses became my outlet; it fed me creatively and spiritually. It wasn’t long before I was lettering in my Bible, creating sketch notes during sermons, and encouraging others to join me in the practice. Let’s #LetterForTheLord together!

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