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Useful Jobs To Do During Quarantine

While everyone is stuck at home, it almost feels like time has stood still. This bizarre time in all of our lives has been hard for everyone, but it is a time we should really make the most of. 

When was the last time you had this much time at home? With busy lives and schedules it often feels impossible to spend any time on our houses and gardens. That’s why now is the perfect time to get down and dirty with those niggling jobs you’ve been putting off. 

Here are some of the jobs you can try around the garden and house during quarantine to keep you occupied! 

Upgrade the patio 

One project you could try this spring to spruce up the garden and also give you an extra place to sit in the sun is the patio. If your patio is looking a little drab and needs resurfacing, you can get the tools online and create a lovely seating area over the weekend. Spruce it up with a herb garden, outdoor dog beds for your pooches, and a wine holder for a beautiful garden getaway. 

Plant a vegetable patch 

If you are sick of queueing outside the shops during this quarantine, now is a good time to think about growing your own produce. There are lots of fruits and vegetables you can grow in the garden throughout the summer to provide you with fresh foods for the whole family to enjoy. Try peas, radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, and more and you’ll gain a whole myriad of fresh foods to add to dishes in your kitchen! 

backyard pond

Build a pond 

If you have a garden that is screaming for change, one fun way to spruce it up as well as encourage wildlife is to build a pond. A pond can be a lovely focal point in your garden, and if you add plants to the area you’ll soon attract aquatic species such as frogs, newts, and dragonflies. All you need to build a pond is some pound liner and a hole! 


While you are stuck at home during this quarantine period; why not try and get fit? A lot of us struggle to keep up with a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, and if you are one of those people, take a chance now to change your habits.

There are many amazing workouts and programs to use online, to allow you to workout at your own pace and for as long as you want to every day. And if you don’t want to workout inside the house, go out in the sunshine and do it in the garden instead! 

Useful Jobs To Do During Quarantine

Plant flowers 

Many garden centres are offering delivery services during lockdown, and this means that you will still be able to enjoy sprucing your garden during spring and summer.

Take the opportunity now to improve your garden by adding flowers, and create stunning flower displays that will wow everyone who passes your house. It can be a fun project, and even if you don’t have any outdoor space you can still invest in a window trough and plant flowers in there! 

Clear out the closet 

Everyone has a habit now and again of buying more clothes than we need… but during lockdown it is even easier to end up buying clothes for no reason. Today why not take control and go through your wardrobe once and for all?

Take some time to try on your clothes and see if you can create new outfits, and get rid of ones that you don’t wear any longer. You’ll still be able to donate your old clothes and make someone’s life better in the process! 

Wash the carpets 

Now that you have some time on your hands, you can get to grips with one of the hardest jobs and most time consuming at home: cleaning the carpets. Steam cleaning carpets is a huge task, but now that you are at home for a while you have the perfect opportunity to get this tough job done. Add a fresh fragrance and make the whole house smell amazing as a result. 

Clear the gutter 

The gutters are a part of the house that can be neglected. However, it is incredibly important to clean out your gutters now and again to allow water to drain away from your home. As well as this, leaves and twigs can become stuck, and mosquitoes can lay their eggs here. 

Rearrange the furniture 

After weeks of sitting in the same room, looking at the same set up and it can get BORING. Why not take the opportunity this week to rearrange things and swap items around the house?

Even something as small as swapping what plants are in a room of your home can bring a sense of refreshment to the home. Have some fun and play around with setups until you are happy with what you have. 

Clear the pantry 

Now and again we need to go through our food cupboards and get rid of the old food. If you have had a lot of canned goods and other items of food that you haven’t used in a long time, you might need to throw some things away to make room. Take an hour or two to clear your cupboards and make the kitchen cupboards feel spacious and refreshed once more. 

Create a piece of art 

If you have a blank wall in the living room or another part of the house, why not create a piece of art to hang there? Even if you aren’t the most proficient with art equipment, you can still create a fun abstract piece to brighten up your space.

For example, a few blobs of paint on a canvas, followed by spreading with a credit card can create a fun abstract pattern to make your home feel fresh and bright for summer. 

No matter how bored and unmotivated you feel during lockdown, there are lots of ways to make the most of your time this year!

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