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Ways To Elevate Your Next Dinner With Friends At Home

Inviting people into your home for a friendly evening of fun is a beautiful way to spend your time. Life passes so quickly that you must prioritize spending quality time with people you enjoy. If you are wondering what to do at your next at-home soiree, keep reading for inspiration.

Serve Delicious Food

The main event at any good dinner party is the meal. Look for versatile recipes that pair well together and appeal to a broad palate. Choose enticing options such as this garlic butter recipe that will go well with everything from crusty baguettes to Hasselback potatoes and a mouth-watering steak. Select dishes you can make ahead of time that will hold their taste until it is time to eat.

Invite People You Enjoy

Instead of inviting guests based on feelings of obligation, request the company of people with whom you enjoy spending time. Opt for a comfortable group of friends you already have an established rapport. Or choose an eclectic mix of individuals from your friendship circles, family, activity groups, and work. Make it a fun group of people you already know you will be happy to be with for an evening of fun.

Go for a Post-Dinner Walk

If the weather is cooperative, go for a walk with your guests once your meal is over. After clearing the plates and cleaning up, put on a jacket or coat to suit the climate and go outside. Gather your group and stroll through your town or in a nearby green space. Enjoy the fresh air, flora, fauna, and perhaps a beautiful sunset. Take comfort in familiar conversation.

Eat a Delicious Dessert

After returning from your leisurely walk, it is time to sit down for a delicious treat. Make it in advance so it will be ready when you are. Prepare a cold brew caffeinated beverage or warming pour-over coffee. Offer a wine that will pair perfectly with the dessert menu. Always provide bar-quality non-alcoholic alternatives. After everybody has their food and drink, sit down for some delightful and insightful conversation.

Play Some Games

Games are decidedly not just for children. Invest in a few entertaining games for adults. Plan on playing one or two during the evening hours. Make it a competitive affair or just for fun and laughs, depending on your guest’ dispositions. If you do not have games on hand, check a few out from your local library. An alternative is a fun game such as charades. Up the ante by playing a friendly game or two of poker. Make it high stakes, or invite everyone to bring their pennies and see what happens!

Watch this video to learn how to play poker if you are a novice.

Always Be Safe and Smart

Discussing safety ahead of time is not inappropriate. It shows that you care. Inform your guests that they are welcome to spend the night if they drink too much. (Ensure you have extra cots, beds, blankets, toiletries, etc., ready to go – just in case.) Encourage them to plan their intentions and take a ride share to and from your home. Be careful of potential liabilities in this arena.

Get ready to entertain with easy and delicious food. By attending to a few important details, you will host an evening to remember and one that goes off without a hitch. Have fun!

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