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Weight Gain a Side Effect of Anxiety?

When I was working I drove 4 hours to work every day and ate out a lot, so I figured when I stopped working I should start seeing a drop in my weight, instead I have gained almost 20 pounds since I stopped working. I kept thinking about it and I couldn’t figure out why. I wasn’t eating out all the time and I was until recently getting some exercise. Then it hit me, I started Anxiety pills. That’s the only change.

So, I’m not sure if it is a side effect as what I have read has said the medication I am on should not have that effect, but I also know everyone responds to things differently and maybe, this is my response. This is a crappy response as if you read this blog you know that I also have another blog on my weight loss journey called My Loss My Gain and I hate that I have to say I’m gaining weight. In fact since November I have gained about 40 pounds!

Something is not right, I feel it, but there is nothing I can do about it. Right now I find myself wishing I had never started that job, though I loved it, the weight gain, stress and now my Anxiety problems were just not worth it. I know I need to work on changing things, but it’s hard when you can’t afford good food, even with food stamps to help, but really prices on food are crazy!

Really I’m just wondering if anyone else with Anxiety has noticed a weight gain? Most people seem to lose weight, why can’t I be one of those!

2 thoughts on “Weight Gain a Side Effect of Anxiety?

  1. I always refused the anxiety pills. My weight was always a contributing factor of my anxiety and most of the meds for it, weight gain was a side effect. I wasn’t about to take something that would make the situation worse overall. I have recently started walking a mile everyday and cutting back on the Dr. Pepper. I lost 9 pounds in about 2 weeks. I feel better overall! Good Luck to you! I hope you find something that works well for you!

  2. I’m nervous to stop the pills right now as I’m still looking for work, I think once I get into a job again I’m going to talk to my doctor about taking me off them. She already told me it would be temporary, so I’m hoping we are on the same page when I talk to her. I was walking every day. I’ve decided I need to start it up again and will be heading out after dinner today.

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