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What It Means To Heal Yourself And How You Can Do It

Being able to heal yourself might sound absolutely crazy, but there are all kinds of stories from all over the world that back up the notion that this is something we have the power to do.

If you’re sick in some way, or you don’t feel great, then you may want to explore this concept. You may be able to help yourself feel better with a holistic approach and the power of thought. 

Now, this is not to say that you should eschew all traditional medical treatments – of course, if you’re really not well then you should get whatever treatment you need to feel better. However, many of the ways in which people heal themselves are easily practiced and could well work for you. Read on to learn more:


Meditation is all about stilling the mind, and with regular meditation many people find that they are calmer, more creative, and healthier in the long run. Starting with just 5 minutes in the morning and at night can make a big difference to how you feel. 

You can find amazing meditation videos on youtube or check your favorite podcast app to find a good fit for you. When you are just starting meditation you want to start small, 5-10 minutes is a great way to get yourself used to meditating and also will help make it a habit you can stick with.

Eventually, you can add more times to your meditations and have more benefits to your health and mental wellness.


Regular exercise helps to keep the mind and body as healthy as possible. The type of exercise that is best in this situation is the one that you enjoy and will stick to.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the repercussions of this will begin to show over time. Even if you simply focus on getting up and about more during the day rather than having an exercise session, it will make a difference. 

With exercise starting small is okay. If you are out of shape you may want to just take a 10-20 minute walk. If you want to do a more intense workout start with 10-15 minutes and only do what you can. It’s okay when starting out to not be able to do a 45-minute workout.


Heal Yourself with Food And Water 

The food we eat can make a big difference to mindset and health. If you were to eat a heavy takeaway each day, the effects of this would show in a short time. Eat foods that make you feel full and vibrant. This usually means a balanced diet of healthy protein, fats, and carbs. Getting lots of fruits and vegetables is always recommended. 

Breathing Techniques 

Breathing techniques can be more powerful than you realize. Being able to control breathing is a skill, and many people find that breathwork has helped them to change their lives. 

Heal Yourself

Natural Supplements 

Natural supplements could also be a great idea – just remember that you shouldn’t replace them with any medication that you’re currently taking. Do lots of research before taking anything, or you could end up in urgent care if the supplement contraindicates anything else that you’re taking. 


Visualize yourself healthy and healed. It sounds strange, but this can help you to change your own self-image, which in turn can actually change how healthy you are.

Again, this is not to say that you should only use natural treatments on your path to healing. Each path is different and different things will work for different people. However, trying a few of the techniques listed here will at least help you to feel less stressed in the long run. Many practitioners believe that our cells are listening to us, so carefully think about what message you are sending with your thoughts and actions!

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