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Why A Career In Yoga Is Worth Pursuing

What goes into choosing a career? It can be a lot of things but often it starts with a passion. Working in a field you love is its own reward and if you’re into yoga, then you might have been thinking for some time about whether you could make it as a yoga instructor. More importantly, you might ask if the career switch is worth it. That depends on you, but here are some of the reasons that people might want to consider a career in yoga.

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It’s extremely rewarding

Yoga instructors do not often get rich. You can make a nice wage full-time, as you can see from the average yoga instructor’s earnings. However, it can pay in much more than just money. Aside from constantly working on your body and staying fit, the process of seeing newcomers blossom into competence and fitness can be extremely invigorating, knowing how much of a part you have in their transformation.

Make your career as flexible as your body

It’s not just you that you can bend to your will as a yoga instructor. It’s a very flexible career, allowing you to work in a variety of contexts. It can be full-time or part-time. You can freelance or you can join a gym or studio as a member of a team. You can have people come to your rented space, your home gym, or you can visit them. It’s recommended to be somewhat flexible as you need to work to the schedules and needs of your clients.

You can master your craft

Think that you know a lot about yoga? At the end of a 200 hour yoga training course, you’re going to see how wrong you were before you started. Yoga is a fascinated and multi-faceted discipline, and teachers have to know a lot more than even the best of their students. Even in cases where formal training isn’t necessary, it’s always recommended to earn the trust of your clients.

You like a challenge

If you’re looking for careers that are challenging, then yoga definitely has plenty to offer in that regard. As many a yoga instructor will say, yoga gets easier, but it’s never easy. Aside from being physically strenuous, learning to apply your skills in a way that others learn them, keep them motivated, and offer constructive feedback that matches their pace, is not easy. It’s very much working as a teacher, just in a different environment.

You can expand into all kinds of fitness work

While not every fitness career is the same, there is some trust that if you’ve succeeded in one field, you can cross over to others with more ease. You still need training in the specific disciplines that you want to teach, but your experience as a yoga instructor can be a big help if you want to become a personal trainer, gym owner, or do some other work in the field.

It can be tough and demanding, and it might not make you rich, but yoga is enriching in other ways. Is it the career for you?

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