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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs and Cats

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Disclosure: The following is a collaborative post. These are not my thoughts or options. I love cats and dogs!

If you’re hedging your bets at the moment and still mulling over whether you’ll soon be opening your doors to a new feline friend or canine pal, take a look at the many reasons why dogs are infinitely better than cats. If you’ve got kids begging and pleading with you to welcome a new addition to the family, it pays to look into the breeds of dog that will be best suited to your family’s needs. Opting for a cat will mean you are in for a lifetime of meaningless scratches, an aloof attitude, a fussy eater and a laziness that knows no bounds. On the other hand, you could select a hound who is nothing of the sort.

A Faithful Friend

The thing with our purr-fect pals is that they are inherently selfish. They don’t mean to be, it’s simply in their genetic makeup to look out for number one. Even if you have provided a warm and loving home for your moggy, he will gently mew for you to pick him up, place him on your lap and provide him with strokes and chin rubs, before deciding that he’s had enough attention and leaping down to enjoy some kitty treats. If you attempt to foil his escape from your lap, you’ll be rewarded with a scratch or bite. It’s all take, take, take with a feline. Even though you are showing them love and they are basking in your loving embraces, the moment they have had enough, they return the aloof creatures that are at the very core of their being.

You’ll soon see your cat having a nibble at his kibble. You’ll reach down to give him a pet, but he’ll look at you and turn his head the other way in disgust. He can quickly become disinterested in what you have to offer him.

Dogs, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter what breed you select, whether you choose a beagle or a boxer, or a spaniel or a schnauzer, the pooches of the world will drown you with love and affection. They’ll lick your face, jump on you to hug you and run circles around your body when you stand up. They are constantly excited to see you and be in your presence. The thought of ignoring you or being aloof never crosses their mind. They are giving pets, always eager to please, and never take affection without providing you with some in return.

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Cats are lazy. They are more than lazy – they sleep for up to twenty hours a day. The interaction you may have with a feline is minimal. Yes, you can play with them with a piece of string, a feathered toy or some faux mice but where’s the real fun in that?

Dogs will provide you with ample opportunity to play with them because their activity levels are just so high. If you’ve ever muttered the word “walkies” in front of a mutt, you’ll know the impact that this simple two syllable word can have on a hound. He will be sat at the door waiting for his leash. You can enjoy quality time at the park with your dog, playing fetch, chasing a ball and getting some good old exercise. The extent of the exercise you’d get with a cat is simply unraveling a piece of string.

Although active, pooches can be trained to please their human beings to an even greater extent. They will heel, beg, sit, lie down and roll over on the utterance of your commands. When you want to administer the monthly dose of Pet-Lock flea and tick meds to your loyal four-legged pal, he inherently understands the spot-on you are administering is good for him and values your caring nature. Your feline friend will never allow such a spot on to come anywhere near his skin without a fight. He will run rampant through the home, hide under the bed, creep into the tiniest hole and wail and moan, simply because you want to help him keep some nasty little critters at bay. He doesn’t care. He just wants you to leave him alone.

Good For Your Health

As well as the obvious incentivization to get out for walks with your faithful friend, a dog will also benefit your health in other ways. Having a calm and relaxed breed of dog like a labrador, weimaraner or boxer can help us de-stress and bring an air of tranquility into the home. Dogs have an innate ability to help those struggling with the pressures of day to day life. Having a pet to care for, who also repays you with love and affection, can bring new purpose to our lives.

Some dogs have been found to predict seizures before they happen for people with epilepsy. They will bark up to twelve hours before a seizure may occur allowing the owner to make the necessary arrangements, ensuring that someone is with them should the seizure occur. Exposing children to dogs from a young age can help them overcome allergies to pet hair and dander. Dogs are fantastic creatures to promote the positive well being of humans.

When you take a look at cats, they offer very little in terms of benefitting the health of their human owners. They give humans a pet to love, cherish, look after and adore, and while the cat will repay this affection, it will be very much on the feline’s terms. The aloof nature of the moggy is never far away.

One thought on “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I obviously agree with you that dogs are much better pets than cats, but I think it honestly depends on the person’s personality. For some reason, I’ve found that quiet, introverted people tend to like cats more than someone who is more extroverted and adventurous. It’s not like you can take a cat to the beach with you… lol.

    I wouldn’t give up my Frenchie for any cat in the whole wide world

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