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Zumba Fitness Core Review

I am really loving Zumba Fitness Core. Not only did I get an amazing core workout, but the music is so much fun and it has songs you know and love.

Features for Wii (Xbox also available):
  • Hot new choreography specifically designed to sculpt stronger, sexier abs and provide a solid total body workout
  • Dance to 40 new songs, including contagious new Zumba fitness originals and more smash hits from today’s hottest artists including Enrique Iglesias and Don Omar.
  • Move to 30+ different dance styles as you play?that’s more styles than any other dance or fitness game available! New rhythms to the franchise include: Brazilian Funk, Celtic Bluegrass, Jive, Disco and Polynesian
  • New fitness features: Set personal, Nutrition and lifestyle tips provide guidance on how to enhance your health, well-being and appearance
  • Additional dance style tutorials: Break down the basics with new modules for Samba and Bollywood to complement Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Cumbia tutorials.

My Experience With Zumba Fitness Core

What I love most about Zumba® Fitness Core is that you can create your own class. That means you pick the songs you love and feel are a fit for you. I also love I can do more then one, so I can set up a quick 10 minute workout or if I have time a half hour to hour workout! A also love the different types of dancing, belly dancing is included, something I love to do and there is also Celtic music and hip hop among others.

Some of the dances are not that easy, but others are very easy to pick up. I recommend if your using this for a workout that you plan at least a week to just learn the steps, something you can do in the came or in a separate section. I personally just hit the ground running with the game for the review, but I did eventually check out the learning section and it’s really helpful as some of these moves are very hard to learn while playing the game.

There is one more downside and disclosure: I may just not be seeing where I can change this, but I loved that I could track my progress daily and put into my own records how long I worked out. With Zumba® Fitness Core You can see how long you worked out, but only in a graph form that doesn’t give you exact times. Again, I may just be missing that, but it was something I really found helpful.

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