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5 Examples of White-Label Products You Can Sell Online Easily

There’s no denying that the Internet makes it easy to sell products and services. Most people in the world use smartphones and have some form of regular Internet access, and Internet usage will keep growing each year.

If you’re a mompreneur, you’re probably reading this and wondering what products you could sell online and hopefully turn your actions into a profitable business. One of the most common items to sell online is white-label products.

In a nutshell, white-label products are mass-produced items and don’t have any branding on them. Many products you see for sale online look similar, and that’s because they are white-label items.

If that’s something that interests you, check out these white-label product examples:

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1. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Water bottles are ideal for people who need a drink when working out in the gym, out cycling, or putting in their bags as part of their lunch meals. As you can imagine, there’s an almost limitless choice of plastic bottles out there to buy.

However, not everyone wants plastic. Many folks want to purchase stainless steel water bottles because they look great and offer a premium and superior look and feel. They’re also easy to brand, making them one of the best white-label products to sell online.

2. Vaporizer Cartridges

It’s no secret that the market for CBD and hemp-based products has exploded in recent years, both in the United States and beyond. Many people enjoy inhaling CBD and hemp extracts through a vaporizer as it’s both convenient and easy.

With that in mind, vaporizer cartridges sell like hotcakes. When comparing cartridges CCELL and Blinc are the dominant names in the industry, so you won’t have a problem selling such white-label products online.

3. Smartphone Accessories

When most people buy a new (or new to them) smartphone, they will also purchase accessories like cases, screen protectors, and charging cables. As a result, smartphone accessories are among the top categories of white-label products to sell on the Internet.

They are cheap to purchase in wholesale quantities, and you can often customize them with your branding and designs.

4. Fitness Accessories

Do you have aspirations to become the next Gymshark in the world? If so, you can start building your business empire by selling a selection of white-label fitness accessories like yoga mats, clothing, and other fitness-related items.

As you can imagine, COVID-19 has boosted fitness accessories companies as many people could only achieve health and fitness goals at home due to local gym closures. It looks like COVID-19 is here to stay for a while, so you will come into the industry at the right time.

5. Tote Bags

Last but not least, have you considered selling tote bags as part of your latest online business venture? Tote bags are cheap to buy, and you can customize them with whatever branding, graphics, and text you want.

If you’re looking for products to sell in high volumes, tote bags could fit the bill!

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