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5 reasons why it’s okay to not have it all figured out

1. No one is exactly the same

Due to the rise of social media, we are all comparing ourselves to each other. We may not even realize we are doing it. As you scroll through your Facebook feed you usually see two things. Perfect lives or people who are sad and depressed. This is my feed at least.

When I look through facebook I always remind myself that a facebook post is just what people want us to see. Perfect lives do not exist and though their life may look amazing. They are still struggling with something, or have in the past.

Reminding ourselves that it’s okay to be different from others is a great way to get over the feeling that your life is not what it should be.

2. Thinking outside the box is always better

Are you someone who is starting their own business and you can’t go out because you are working or you are broke. Most startup companies consist of owners who work too much and have no money. This is normal and if you see all your working friends out having a good time because they have 9-5 jobs, remember one thing: The reason you didn’t want a 9-5.

Thinking outside of the box and doing things differently is not easy. People think you’re crazy, it may put you behind your friends financially and socially, but in the end, your hard work will pay off. Just keep thinking outside of the box.

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3. Mistakes are good

We are taught in school that mistakes are bad. When we answer something wrong we are usually told we are not right either by a bright red mark or by the teacher themselves. It doesn’t matter how it’s said we still are taught that mistakes are bad.

The truth is we learn from each mistake we make and making mistakes is okay. I myself have made many mistakes, the most costly was the one I made to go to college. I had no savings, was not working, couldn’t find steady employment and ended up living off student loans. Because of this, I owe a huge amount of debt. I take responsibility for that mistake. I made a choice.

I learned from this mistake though and now I try not to spend money I don’t have. I only use credit cards in emergencies or when I have the money to pay it right back. Making mistakes is okay, as long as you reflect on it and learn from your mistake.

4. Growing is an uphill battle

Not only is growing up and being an adult a battle in itself, but growing as a person in general. It’s okay to be unhappy with your life because you have not accomplished things you wish you had, not because others have, but just simply because you really wanted this accomplishment.

Growing stems from learning from our mistakes. Did you party too much in your 20’s and now can’t afford a house you really wanted by 30? Maybe you keep being passed up for a promotion at work you really want.

Instead of getting down about it, grow. Learn more about your desired position, start saving now so you can have a new home in five years. Start making changes now that will get you to where you really want to be.

The most important thing to think about before you decide you want something is do you really want it? Would you sacrifice something important in your life to get it? If not, maybe you really don’t want it and you think you do because everyone else has it.

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5. Life is an adventure

You only live once. We can’t repeat our lives so why not think of it as one big adventure. Yes, you have to be responsible during this adventure, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow what everyone else is doing.

I started blogging over 10 years ago. Most people would have stopped by now as I don’t make a lot of money, but I enjoy it and I keep going. I know eventually, I will find what works and can do this full time again. Most of my friends tell me it’s cool I blog, but then get upset when I can’t do things because I need to work

Remembering that we are all unique and all have different experiences will help you to stop comparing your life to others around you. Be yourself and enjoy what you do have. Once you can do that you will start to see great things happen for you.

What goals do you have that you have not achieved yet? Do you have a plan to make them happen?

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