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7 Must-Haves For Your Handbag On The First Date

Getting ready for your first date is, in a nutshell, nerve-wracking. Trying to find the right thing to wear, the best way to do your makeup, and thinking of what to talk about on your date are just a few of many worries you might be enduring. 

Preparation, as with any date, is vital. The more time you have ahead of the date to plan, the better. On your to-do list before your date, you’ll need to decide what to put in your purse. For a few ideas, here are some must-haves you shouldn’t forget to pack to help your date go swimmingly.

Picture by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels – CC0 Licence 

Lip Balm

You are the main attraction for your date, and so you can expect them to be looking at you a lot! Lips included. This is why you want to make sure your mouth isn’t dry or chapped on your date. And so, pack some lip balm to smooth over your lips throughout the date to keep them plump and hydrated.


There’s nothing worse than being on a date, sitting close to someone, and then experiencing a waft of bad breath. Minty fresh breath is the only way to go on any date, especially the first! So don’t forget to pop some mints in your handbag, ready for when your mouth feels dry or you’ve finished eating your dinner. 

Vape Pen

Some vapes are clunky and a bit too big to put in your handbag. On the other hand, a gold vape pen is a sleeker, classier alternative that will fit in your bag with ease. 

Sanitary towel  

You may have your period calendar down to a tee. But it’s best to expect the unexpected and pack a sanitary towel just in case. You never know it might happen, and you’ll be glad you packed a towel if it does.


From headaches to lower backache, who knows what you might be experiencing when you reach your date. Always keep some pain relievers in your bag, like paracetamol, just in case you’re feeling worse for wear.


There’s always that awkward moment on the first date of who will foot the bill. Will they insist on paying, or will you agree to go dutch? Whatever decision you both make, it helps to take cash anyway so that you’re not stuck in an awkward position when your date prompts you to pay the tab.


If you’re not feeling nervous on your first date, are you even that interested in your date? Pack a mini bottle of travel-sized deodorant to spritz on in the lady’s room when you’re feeling a bit heated.

A little bit of prep before your big first date goes a long way in making you feel ready and comfortable on your date. By packing everything you need in your handbag, you won’t need to worry about forgetting mints or lip balm; you can simply focus on getting to know someone who could be your perfect match

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