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Aquarium Nashville Restaurant Review

Recently my family and I took a trip to Nashville Tennessee. My sister lives their and we were very excited to see her and check out a little more of what Nashville had to offer. We visited many places and I will be writing about a few of them later, this review is about Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville and my family’s experience there.

We did not make reservations and we were a party of 11, so we knew we would have a wait. We waited about an hour for our table and that was fine, unfortunately things took a bit of a turn as we were being seated. We were seated at 2 tables, we were not asked if this was okay, they just seated us there. Now if a restaurant is really busy and that is the only way they can seat us, we have no problem with it, but this was not the case, there were at least 30 tables available in the restaurant and in the empty area was a table that could fit all of us together.

We spoke with the manager to see if we could be moved to a table where we could all eat together. The manager was great about it and our server didn’t seem to have a problem with our move, she didn’t mind that she would have to go a little out of her area to wait on us. It made me feel a bit better about the experience.

Really that was the only issue we had with the restaurant and though I understand that they were trying to seat in the areas where they have servers, they should have at least asked to begin with if someone would be willing to wait on a large party out of their area before seating us at separate tables, this was on the hostess, who did not say a word about 2 tables. Most of my family is or has been in food service so, we do know how this works and understand when it’s busy, but this was a Monday night.  My advice would be to make reservations even if you are not going on a busy day.

Overall we did have a really great experience. If you have never been to Aquarium restaurant it is like eating inside a fishbowl. The kids really enjoyed watching all of the fish swim around and they were able to go and look at the fish while we waited for our food. It made it such a great experience because they didn’t have to sit and wait, they could go check out all the fish. The tank is in the middle of the restaurant and it’s a good size tank, the kids had fun following the big fish all around the tank!


The food itself was amazing. I was actually kind of surprised at how good it was. Most of the time restaurants like these have okay food, because your paying for the atmosphere, but the food really was amazing and even with the distraction of watching the fish, the kids ate really well and even said how good it was.

I ordered the Chicken and Shrimp Bianco. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the pasta was simple but delish! Everything came out really hot and the serving size was large enough that some of us did end up taking home leftovers. The picture above was after I ate some of it as I was hungry and forgot to take a picture! They also have some really great drink deals, you get a souvenir glass with some adult beverages and they even have a cool one for the kids!

As we finished eating our server came over and talked all about the fish and asked the kids questions about what one they liked the most and what they wanted to know more about. She really was amazing and knew much more about the fish then I would think a server would know!

After a bad start our experience really turned out to be a lot of fun and I would love to go back and eat there again. This time though, with a reservation.

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    1. We are not close by either, I’m in Michigan and the Nashville one is the closest one! They have some other locations across the US though.

  1. I have been to Nashville, but never heard of this place. Adding it to my places to eat at when I go back to Nashville. Reminds me of the aquarium restaurant at Epcot.

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