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Bend and Shake – Get Moving More!

Unless you have a regular workout routine, then chances are you could do with a little more pep in your step every day to get you going! When we look at it like we need to ‘fit in’ fitness, it becomes a chore – something that needs to be wedged in with all the fun life stuff we do. Getting up and moving is the goal; you can do it just about anytime and anywhere! 

Note that if you have stiff joints, back pain, balance issues, or mobility issues, there are still things you can do. But it is best to consult your chiropractic care practitioner, doctor, or physical therapist. 

Family Dance Time

Or, if you don’t have a gaggle of willing children to jump around with you, you can do this one by yourself. Find your favorite music and dance around for a few tracks. Since songs usually last between 2-5 minutes, you can have a whole 30-minute workout in just a few songs. 

A dance break during the day is one of the best things you can do to release tension, get your blood pumping, and inject a hefty dose of fun into your day. Do this a few times a week, and you’re well on your way to the 150 minutes of activity you need a week

Weekly walk

You might not feel like taking a walk every day, and sometimes the weather isn’t on our side either. So instead of fitting in a walk every day (if you can, that’s great!), aim to talk one longer walk per week. An hour on a Sunday morning can be just the ticket. 

Walking isn’t just great for us physically either; it can be an important thing for those who have mentally demanding work – and those with a lot going on. 


Attack the chores as if you are being paid to clean and tidy. Cleaning and tidying can be vigorous activities, especially if you’re doing a deep clean. Just like the dancing, pop on your most loved music and scrub to the beat. 

Ditch The Easy Way

Sometimes, with the elevator right next to the stairs, it can be all too easy to ditch the climb and ride the elevator. The problem is, the more you skip the stairs, the harder it becomes to tackle them for the first time. A great tip is that if you work a few floors up, take the stairs for the first bit and the elevator for the rest until you build up the stamina to make it to the top. The more you do it, the easier it will get. 

If you usually drive everywhere, try walking and catching public transport. And if you already use public transport, then get off a stop early where possible. Of course, if you work close to home, then a bike ride might be the best way to get to work! 

Fitness Tracking

If you don’t move around much, you might be aware of that fact – but a fitness tracker will put the numbers right in front of you. Seeing the number of steps you haven’t taken might just give you the boost to grab your trainers and get going. 

These small things will add extra activity to your day, without much effort at all.

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