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Enhancing Your Elderly Relative’s Quality Of Living

Improving “quality of life” is a highly specific effort and is relative in nature. Some people’s baseline quality of life may be objectively lesser than others. Still, the felt experience of what they do with their time may mean that their inner, emotional wellness and health are actually better than those we would consider being “in a preferential situation.”

For instance, it’s perfectly true to state that there are disabled people living today who squeeze more joy out of life than their able-bodied counterparts, taking each day with gratitude, nurturing relationships, and while understanding the hindrances they need to contend with, they reject that this will define who they are as a person. 

We can take inspiration from these examples without deifying them, instead of understanding that the human spirit can be stronger than our external circumstances. This is important to keep in mind if trying to help improve the quality of life for an elderly relative, especially for someone whose faculties may be diminishing and for whom the future may signal change. In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures that you, as a relative and potential caregiver, can provide:

Helpful Home-Visit Services

To the extent that this is possible, it’s nice to help your relative remain in their home. This might mean that excess services are needed to help them around the house, from meal delivery services to maids who come to check on the house and make sure certain chores are taken care of. In some cases, this may be subsidized by the state. 

It’s also worthwhile to see what additional aids you can use, implemented in their home so they can live a little more easily. Handholds near exterior steps, walk-in showers or bathtubs where sitting down is easy, alarm pulleys in the bathroom, and stairlifts are but a few examples depending on your relative’s needs.

Necessary Care Centres

Necessary care centers can make a major difference in ensuring the right provisions are given. It may be that you, as a loving relative, wish to give them all of your support and care, but it’s important to recognize when a certain consideration may be above our loving capabilities.

For instance, finding the best Alzheimer care services can ensure they can enjoy an improved quality of life despite that difficult disease, limiting its degeneration and feeling more comforted despite the confusion it can bring. This kind of service is one of the most valuable provisions we can ensure our relative has access to.

Family Involvement

Elderly relatives truly know the value of time, so it’s important to make sure they can enjoy access to our families and that we may the effort to visit them. How frequently and how long this can be done may depend on your relative’s condition, but regardless, some contact is available and can mean all the world. 

From bringing along their grandchildren often to inviting them to home events if this is possible, simply making time for your relatives and making sure they know you’re going to be there in their lives is essential. Sadly, many people tend to forget about their elderly relatives when they enter the care system or if they have little time for care duties – but constant contact doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can enrich your life just as much.

Nature, Exercise, Crafts & Hobbies

To the degree that this is possible, helping your relative get the appropriate about of exposure to nature and exercise can be helpful. Taking them for walks in the park, perhaps with your pet, can be a nice low-impact means of exercising, but remember they might need a break or two in order to keep up.

It can also be fun to help them curate a hobby they love in retirement. This can help them grow a passion for something outside of their usual fare. Sure, your elderly relative isn’t a child and doesn’t need to be treated like one, but it can be nice to play chess with them, bring them to an arts and crafts club each week, or help them enroll in a reading club. Little things like this help their weeks stay vibrant and interesting as time moves on. It’s also a great excuse for spending quality time together.

With this advice, you’re certain to enhance your elderly relative’s quality of living, no matter what life brings your way.

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