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First Signs That The Stars (And Your Values) Could Align

Once, dating was a close-knit thing, with people generally getting together because they shared location, friendship groups, or workplaces. After all, there was no such thing as mobiles or online dating back then, and who you knew was who you knew, period. Understandably, this led to couples who generally shared values, experiences, and more.

Now, though, the dating world has opened up like a very generous oyster, and far from taking our pick of the guys on our street, long-distance dating options like those found at chatlinedating.com mean that we can date whoever we want. This is great news, opening up our opportunities and bringing us ever close to finding our one true soulmate in truth Greek mythology style. 

There’s just one setback – far from the similarities that dating close to home once brought, these further afield pursuits can lead to couples who have grown up very differently, and developed incredibly varied values as a result. This can be bad news given that, in many instances, shared interests can be even more crucial to relationship success than shared interest. But, all hope is not lost. After all, values are less about believing the same things, and more about approaching life, and situations, in the same way. With that in mind, consider the following first signs that your values (and hopefully the stars) could ultimately align. 

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He has a good relationship with his ex

We know what you’re thinking – isn’t a guy who gets along with his ex the worst kind of monster? Well, actually, no. Admittedly, you will want to look out for any warning signs of an unhealthy entanglement as outlined on talkspace.com, but if all signs of romantic feeling are gone, a healthy relationship like this is a pretty good omen. After all, even an amicable breakup is a sign of severe disagreements. If your future guy can look past that and remain at least friendly, then it’s a sign he’s probably been brought up with some pretty decent, and desirable, values behind him. 

He doesn’t shout you down, even in disagreements

Too often, we assume our perfect match is a guy who agrees with every word. Honestly, though, if a guy tells you he agrees with everything, he’s GOT to be lying, and that’s not a value you want. Instead, testing his values largely means considering how he reacts when disagreements do arise. Does he shout you down, or does he listen to what you have to say? If the latter, then he’s far more likely to be a decent guy that you can live within harmony.

He has a decent family


Ultimately, our families dictate our values. This is why the whole meet the parents thin is such a big deal and, if you get this far, you should be able to see pretty fast how he was brought up, how that aligns with your own experiences, and whether you can see a future with that knowledge in mind. If those values align, then love could well be in the air tonight.

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