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How to Become a More Confident Dater

Many of us feel pretty comfortable and in control of most aspects of our lives. But when it comes to dating, things can become a little bit more tricky. After all, this is one area where you’re not entirely in control — there are two people in this dance, and that makes things problematic.

Indeed, there are many people that seem to be super confident in virtually everything they do but who then crumble when they go on dates. If you’re one of those people, then don’t worry — it’s normal! It’s also something that you can change. In this blog, we’re going to run through some tried and tested tips that’ll help to push you in the right direction when it comes to dating.

Seeing Rather Than Being Seen 

When we go on a date, we want to make a good impression. And that’s normal — if you don’t make a good impression, then you probably won’t get very far. However, issues can arise if you’re only focusing on making a good impression rather than turning the tables and figuring out whether you like them. It’s all about understanding your worth and recognizing that they have to impress you just as much as you impress them.

Get the Look

Looks aren’t the most important thing. But similarly, they’re not entirely unimportant, either. You’ll find that you’re much more confident when you go on a date if you know that you look great. And happily, this is something that you can fix. It’s all about investing in some high-quality, fashionable clothing and, if you wear glasses, designer eyewear. If you’re dressed the part, and you’ve spent some time ensuring that you’re well-groomed and feeling fresh, then you’ll stride into the date feeling on top of the world. And that can be an infectious feeling.

Don’t Sweat the Low Moments

Nobody is successful all the time. There’ll be times when you have to face rejection. Of course, this can feel terrible. It’s important to remember, however, that it’s completely normal, so don’t let it force you into a deep pit of despair. Indeed, you can view it in another way. It can be a good thing to face rejection from time to time! The key to overcoming this feeling is to keep it in perspective and then to get back out there. At some point in the future, you won’t even remember the name of the person who rejected you. 

Focus On Yourself

Finally, be sure to focus on yourself. If you’re only focused on other people, such as who you can date, then you’ll run the risk of becoming a shell of your former place. On the other hand, if you keep your life interesting, and don’t put all your eggs in the dating success basket, then you’ll naturally be more confident. Plus, you’ll be more interesting to people on dates, which will transfer into confidence, since you’ll know that it’s going well. People are going to love the best version of you!

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