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Mistakes You Make When Looking for Work

You make quite a few mistakes when looking for work, and they can cost you a lot of time. And the longer you are out of work, the less likely you will be considered. It’s a vicious cycle, but you can beat it by defining goals and creating an online presence.

Missing Out Interpersonal Skills

Hard skills are vital for specific jobs because you can do them well. But many people also don’t consider softer skills that are also required. These include organization, communication, and analysis. These can be crucial for some roles and almost as vital as earning a degree. For example, when applying for high-paying travel nurse jobs, you must demonstrate an ability to work with coordinated teams as well as medical knowledge.

Not Defining Your Goals

What is it you want when looking for a new job? Do you want more money, relocation, or a job with better promotion prospects? Having goals in mind will help you determine the best positions to apply for. Without these, you will waste your time and energy on potential jobs that don’t do anything for you. So, always approach a job application with your goals in mind. If the job you are looking at doesn’t offer any of your dreams, move on to the next one that maybe does.

A Poor CV when Looking for Work

It is never advisable to use the same CV for multiple jobs. Of course, you have a framework, but you need to tailor a CV to each application. This is one of the reasons why you should apply for jobs that focus on your goals because this all takes time. And it can take around five months on average to find a new job. Change up the sections such as skills and experience to better suit the individual application, and leave out anything that isn’t beneficial to a recruiter reading the CV.

No Online Presence

You minimize the chances of a new direction in your career without an online presence. Recruiters use platforms like LinkedIn to headhunt new employees, and you can miss massive opportunities for a new job if you are absent from social media. However, social media isn’t the only platform; you can also register for job boards and be as detailed as possible about your skills and experience. A blog can also help you demonstrate your past work.

Not Preparing for an Interview

It takes a rare talent to white-knuckle an interview, and you probably don’t have it. The key to a successful interview is in the preparation beforehand. Review the job description and ensure you fully understand the key competencies because you will be asked about these. Don’t worry if you don’t meet everything as this is expected. Practice answering any questions that might arise, and always list questions you could ask because it shows an interest.


Not listing or demonstrating your interpersonal skills is one of the mistakes you make when looking for work. Using the same CV for multiple jobs is also a vital error. And above all else, you must prepare for the interview and what can happen if you make it through.

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