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My not so Secret Weight Loss Weapon Spark People

I have used spark people in the past to help me lose weight, in fact it was a huge help when I lost 100 pounds a few years ago, now that I’m trying to lose again I will be going back to Spark People to help me keep track of my weight loss, eating habits and more.

What I also love most about Spark People is that it’s free, there is a paid option as well that has a bit more and doesn’t include all the ads, but you don’t need to pay to be able to track the food you eat and your exercise.

Why I love spark People

Weight Tracking

Spark people helps me to keep track of my weight, they have an app or I can access them on my computer so that I can see where I am going with my journey. They also track your measurements too so even if your not losing pounds, you may see your losing inches.

Food Tracking

This is the best part about Spark People I can track what I eat and when you combine this with tracking your workouts you can see exactly how many calories you have left in the day to eat and still be able to reach your goals. I really love this when I have a splurge day. I usually let myself go to my max calories that day so I’m still within a good range, but can still be on track to lose.

Workout Tracking

I love the workout tracking, but did you know that  Spark People can hook up to your fitbit, Jawbone UP, Misfit, Garmin, Google Fit, RunKeeper, and Apple Health device to help you track your workouts? I love that I don’t have to worry about imputing my workouts and it does it automatically.

Recipe ideas

I know some ways to eat healthy, but sometimes I need a change and can’t think of anything fun and new to try, that is why I love Spark Recipes. There are so many cool ideas and ways for me to keep up with my health goals and still have meals that taste good. This is really a secondary website to Spark People and love that they also have a separate app for this part of their site!

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