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Quick Illness Recovery Tips


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It is not fun being ill. It can be exhausting and inconvenient, and all you want to do is feel better and get back to normal. The problem is that illnesses are not planned, and they happen to the healthiest of people sometimes. What you do need is a plan to help you recover so that you are not forced to rest or be active for longer than you want.


For some people, this is the hardest thing of all to do. They just want to be up and about, but they could make themselves worse in the long run. Of course, it depends what your illness has been, but in most cases, some rest will help your body to recover more quickly.

You should not worry about work as there will be others taking care of your job while you are away, and if the illness you have had is infectious you could pass it onto them if you go back to early.

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Hydrate Yourself

Your body needs to be able to flush out toxins and replace them with nutrients. To do this, you must keep well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help, but you could also have tea, broths or smoothies to make sure that you are taking in enough fluids. Green teas and lemon infusions are especially good for re-hydration.

Leave Sugars Alone

This is something you should be doing all the time, not just when you are trying to recover from an illness. Sugar suppresses your immune system, which id the opposite effect to what you are after. You need plenty of nutrition to help support your immunity, and vitamins will help too.

Sugar may give you an energy boost, but it is short lived and when it has disappeared you will feel more tired than before you had the sugar. Steer clear of it to help keep your body and mind in a better condition, whether you are recovering from an illness or not.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

You could be doing all the things mentioned above, but while you are resting you could be feeling very sorry for yourself. This mindset will not help your recovery at all. It will just drag you down and add depression to your other symptoms.

You need to change your way of thinking. Be positive and remember that given a little time, the way you are feeling will pass. Every time you have a negative thought about your situation, make yourself think of the positive side too. Have you read a book you have wanted to get to for years, for instance, or perhaps caught up with a TV series you have missed?

There is an old saying that some good comes out of everything bad, and you need to remember that and not give way to the ‘woe is me’ feelings.

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Have A Soak In The Bath

You may be surprised how much better a soak in the bath can make you feel.  Throw in some Epsom salts or bath crystals and it will help to ease congestion and any aches and pains in your body. It will also relax you, which is a great help toward your recovery.
The warmer you can stand the bather the better it will be, but please be careful not to have it too hot or you could burn yourself.

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

You should never expect to be ill one day and better the next. Even a mild illness can take more than a few days to recover from and you need to accept this situation.  You have to remember that you are feeling tired because your body is fighting to get itself well again, and that until this has happened, you will not feel 100% yourself.

Once you have lowered your expectations you will not feel so depressed about the time your recovery is taking, and that on its own will start to put you on the road to getting better.

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Gentle Exercise

A little gentle exercise can do wonders for your recovery. It should not be strenuous and not for too long. Just a gentle stroll around your garden to start with perhaps, and then as you start to feel better, you can walk a bit further. Walking in the fresh air is very good for you, but if that is too much to start with, make a couple of tours around the room you are in.
It can be a fine balance between resting and exercising, but they both could be vital to your recovery.  As you are getting better, you will be able to exercise more and rest less, but do not overdo it to start with.

Seek Help

The severity of the illness you have been through could mean that you need professional help to recover, and maybe some further treatment. There is nothing wrong in asking for more help when you are feeling unwell. You can find out more about rapid symptom relief here, and this sort of help could get you better quicker than if you did not seek assistance. Seeing a professional is always worthwhile if you are looking to recover faster.

Eat Well

Proteins, good fats, and vitamins will all help to build up some resistance in your body and help you to recover from your illness. They make it easier for your body to repair itself and have a good effect on your mental health too. Try to include as many of them as you can in your diet by eating leans meats, oily fish and lots of fruit, vegetables, and nut. Wholegrain can be a big help too, as can many spices and herbs.

Of course, the best solution to all of this is to try not to be ill in the first place, but that is often out of our control. You can help yourself to some extent by eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep and exercise, but there are some illnesses that no matter how good you are, they will still creep up and knock you off your feet for a while. You just have to fight back and follow these illness recovery tips as quickly as possible.

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