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Saying Your Goodbyes Without Endangering Your Family’s Finances

Losing a loved one is, undeniably, a terribly hard time for any of us to deal with. However, it can become even harder if we’re left to deal with costs that can get pretty crippling. You might not be saying goodbye just yet, but you might be thinking about your family and how you can help them handle the costs of when you do have to go. As such, here are some things worth considering when you’re looking at your funeral costs.

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Start paying towards it now

Even if you are as fit as a fiddle and planning to stick around for decades to come yet, you should consider opening a life insurance plan. The basic purpose of a life insurance plan is to make sure that you pay a little right now so that when your time comes, your family benefits from a payout that can help them deal with your funeral costs as well as any other expenses, such as dealing with your estate or selling your property. The sooner you start paying towards it, the better a payout you can get for your family, so you should start looking at your options as soon as you decide to take these costs seriously.

Put a budget together for it

Not having the money that you need to pay for everything can cause a lot of stress when it comes time to organize a funeral. Whether you do or do not have a life insurance policy at the ready, you should take a look at a cost breakdown when it comes to the funeral and make sure that you’re composing a budget to help you take care of every expense. One of the big dangers is that your family might fail to take account of a certain expense, which can then mean that they have to take out a loan or a credit card to pay the additional expense. You don’t want your loved ones paying for your funeral months after it has happened, so know how much you need to get together and ensure that you cover with either your savings or your insurance.

Look more closely at funeral service directors

There is a variety of funeral service types to choose from, not to mention a very wide range of directors that can provide the kind of service that you’re looking for. If you don’t make your own wishes clear, then your family may end up taking more expensive options simply because they think it might be the most appropriate way to say goodbye. But the traditional full burial service is, broadly speaking, more expensive than it really needs to be. A direct burial without the full service before it can be less expensive, and you can ensure that you’re honored in different ways than having everyone standing around for some time before the burial itself takes place.

Have you considered cremation?

In general, cremation tends to be a lot less expensive than choosing a burial, even a direct burial without the full service. Take a look at the cremation cost breakdowns that are available on the internet to see exactly what you’re paying for. Aside from the cremation itself, the most expensive part of the process tends to be buying the urn or container that the ashes are to be kept in after the service is done. Not having to pay for a plot of land and a casket can make a funeral much more affordable. Some people tend to still have a gravestone placed, but that’s a cost you can decide on.

Don’t buy everything from the same place

Your choice of a funeral director can help you manage the costs of your funeral considerably. However, it can be cheaper to take matters into your own hands, too. Most funeral directors will offer to procure everything that you need, be it urns, caskets, headstones, or otherwise. However, when you get all of it from a director, you are also likely to be paying a markup on each of those items. Looking at independent and online suppliers of memorial items can help you work the prices a little lower in your favor. At the very least, be sure that your funeral director is upfront with the costs that come with any extra services they offer.

Be mindful of the transportation costs

When you arrange a funeral, there may be traditions that you wish to observe depending on your religion or denomination. Some of these traditions can include things like a procession in a hearse. However, you also want to consider transportation costs to and from the funeral. If you need to rent cars, then you want to make sure that you find the best car rentals in advance to book for the day. Independent third-party hearse rentals and drivers also tend to be cheaper than getting those services directly from a funeral director, so keep that in mind. Your choice is always the final word, so don’t feel pressured.

Have a simpler memorial

Some people may want to have a formal memorial with more people at a more professional reception area with catering and the like. However, while you shouldn’t assume that your loved ones will be able and willing to do the labor of setting up a reception all themselves, you should let them know that they have the option and you don’t mind a much simpler memorial and reception. You can’t stop people from spending on you and feeling like they’re respecting you. Memorials are just as much for the living as they are for those who have passed away. However, you can at least let them know that you’re not putting any pressure of them in that regard.

No one likes to spend too much time thinking about their own funeral. However, considering your options now and making sure you can identify cost-effective ways to have the respectful goodbye that your loved ones want can save them a lot of trouble in the future.

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