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Signs that you are In a Toxic Work Environment

Toxic working environments tend to be a drain on both your professional and your personal life. If you aren’t sure if your working environment is toxic or not, then this guide will help you to know for sure.

Take a look below to find out more.

Bad Communication

Insufficient or scattered communication is the culprit of a lot of major workplace problems. Communication skills tend to be the most important skill for any organization. Why is this? Because so much falls under the communication umbrella. This includes listening, verbal communication, and preferences on how to communicate as well.

So how do you tell if your workplace is toxic or not? It may be that you have a constant lack of clarity around projects, or that you have different employees who are all receiving different messages. On the flip side, you may have passive-aggressive communication or people who just fail to listen.

No Safety Measures

A bad workplace will also have little, or even no safety measures in place. It may be that you are forced to work with materials without having the right safety protection, or that when you voice your concerns, you just don’t feel like you are being listened to. Either way, if your toxic workplace has resulted in a health and safety breach then visit Simmons Hanly and Conroy.

Cliques and Exclusion

A toxic workplace may also have a lot of cliques or even exclusion. Everyone knows what a clique looks like. It’s a group of people who stick with each other, who laugh at inside jokes, and only focus on their immediate group. They also tend to exclude anyone who might be outside of their tightly knitted ring. Simply put, cliques can be incredibly counter-productive.  While having workplace friends and even acquaintances is a good thing, you have to know that cliques are not. Avoid cliques and avoid gossip if you can because they have absolutely no place in your work at all.

Bad Leadership

A lot of people don’t leave a job, they leave a bad boss. Bad leadership can have a domino effect on the entire organization. That being said, sometimes a bad boss is actually the product of a bad boss. It’s this hierarchy that makes the workplace downright toxic. Bad bosses tend to wear a lot of different hats. It may be that you have someone who micromanages you, who constantly corrects you, or even someone who has a tendency to undermine your decisions. You may also have a blame game boss.

This type of boss will blame mistakes on anyone other than themselves. Either way, the takeaway here is that bad leadership is toxic. If you do not have a way of recourse, or if there is no HR department that you can relay your concerns to, then now is the time for you to try and make a change. You need to leave your working environment behind because there’s a high chance that things are not going to change unless you make a change yourself.

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