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Why You Should Buy A New Car

It’s exciting to be able to shop for a brand new car if you have the chance. Most of us only have the budget to go after used car models and that can be fun, let’s not be pretentious about it, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a car with zero mileage that nobody has sat in before. 

If you’re looking for luxury vehicles at Merlin Auto Group, and you are still stuck between buying a used or a new car, then you have some valid concerns. If you spent your life only buying used vehicles for example, you might be worried about knocking into a brand new car that you’ve just bought.

It makes sense, because a lot of people worry about nicking a new car rather than having an old car that has already got a few dents and a little bit of life in it. So, if you’re stuck between whether you should buy a new car or an old one, we’ve got some good reasons why you should choose a brand new model.

  • They are reliable. The car is often the second most expensive purchase anyone will ever make in life, and if you want something that is going to go the distance then it makes sense to buy a brand new one that is economically friendly, has never been driven before therefore has a lot of life in it, and will ensure that you feel like you are king of the road. You need a car that’s going to go where you need it to go and you want one that’s going to make a difference to your day today. Having a new car can be that difference.
  • A brand new warranty. Because new cars are more reliable, it’s often fun to be able to notice that a brand new warranty is going to help if your car breaks down. No one wants to have to pay for huge amounts of repairs right after they sign a cheque to a dealership, especially if they’ve just driven off the lot. Warranties are a great incentive to buy brand new and you can really see that the way the car is appreciated in public is definitely meant to be.
  • Safety. One of the biggest reasons that people choose to get brand new cars is because they have been recently safety tested and you can feel reassured in the fact that they are likely to be OK to be on the road. If you’re looking for a family car, safety is probably a big priority of yours. And knowing that you get those safety ratings in place with your new car is a comfort when you’re on the road.
  • Better technology. Do you remember your very first car? If you do, then there’s a good chance you’ll remember exactly how non technical it was. There was no parking help or sat NAV, no music system or phone charger. The cars today are very different, very much upgraded and very technological.

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