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3 Daily Habits That Improve Your Health

For many people, living a healthy lifestyle means having a well-thought-through plan concerning good choices and a commitment to a fitness regimen. While these are crucial, common daily habits can also improve your health without too much effort.

Simple habits such as good sleep patterns and morning routines do more for your health than you may imagine. So, in addition to healthy diets and well-structured workouts, these three daily habits can also make a big difference in your health. 

Staying away from screens at bedtime

Understandably, you live a busy life, and bedtime is probably the only time you have to watch some movies or catch up with what’s happening on social media. And before you know it, you’re up well into the night. Staying away from all screens during bedtime has been proven to improve health in two ways.

First, getting all the sleep your body needs is easier, as you don’t stay up late staring at your screen. Secondly, you can give your eyes the rest they need, especially if your daily activities require spending hours behind your computer or smartphone. 

If bedtime activities like reading on your phone, tablet, or laptop help you relax, set aside a few minutes each day before bedtime. For example, you can give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to do your reading or other relaxing activities before going to bed. But once in bed, it’s best to turn off all screens. And if you already spend all day behind your computer, you can use blue light readers from Caddis Life to protect your eyes from fatigue when reading at night. 

Adopting the right posture

Whether walking, sitting, sleeping, or exercising, your posture is important and contributes immensely to our general health. Unfortunately, good posture is one thing many people ignore in their daily activities. Studies show that having good posture can prevent back and spinal issues. It can reduce stress in your ligaments and keep fatigued and muscle pain at bay.

Teaching yourself to maintain good posture doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you’re not used to the habit. A simple daily reminder may be all you need. For example, you can leave a note on your working desk to remind you to sit upright or not by your bedside to adopt a healthy sleeping position. You can also remind yourself to walk with your head held up and your shoulders back to anything you hit outdoors. And, speaking of the outdoors, the next point is important.

Spending 30 minutes in nature every day 

Regardless of your lifestyle, spending at least 30 minutes around nature every day is essential, whether relaxed in your garden or walking in a park or at the beach. Having fresh air caressing your skin or sun rays wrapping your body can help improve your mood, raise your body’s vitamin D levels, improve distance vision and increase your overall fitness. Being around nature has also been shown to improve critical thinking.

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