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At Home Workouts: Hip Shake Fitness Review

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Everyone wants to lose weight, be healthy or both. There are many ways to do this, but the biggest one is increasing our activity. That can be hard if you have a busy schedule or don’t have the money to join a gym.

You may also be a person who just doesn’t want to go out to the gym, but wants a good at-home workout. I am a person like that and that is why I was so excited to try hip shake fitness, an online at-home workouts website. Hip Shake Fitness is all about staying in your home and doing a workout.

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The Good

Not only do they allow you to get a workout at home, but these workouts center on dances. With each video, you get to learn a new dance or add to a previous dance you learned. The videos are fun and really keep your attention. I personally love the hip hop dance videos and have been doing those over the last month. The best part is the cost is low, only $18 a month or if paid for a year it’s only $10!

What I love about the videos Hip Shake Fitness offers is that they are easy to follow and you can go at your own pace. You’re able to redo the videos whenever you want. You are not relying on a dance instructor who may change it up more then you are comfortable with.

Hip Shake fitness at home workout

I love the set up because it’s all about fitness and they are adding new things all of the time. I really see this as a great way for someone who is just starting to workout to test the waters. There are so many different programs to try out.

  • Hip Hop
  • Salsa
  • Warrior workouts
  • Workouts for older adults
  • Short workouts for when you don’t have time.

Hip Shake Fitness also offers different daily workouts. You can find those on your member homepage and even download a weekly list of videos so you know when they have a scheduled rest day. So you don’t worry about getting that workout in only to find you didn’t have to!

The dances are also fun and the instructors are motivating. Currently, I am doing the flirty hip hop classes and they are fun and really help improve my self-image a bit by making me feel sexy and happy, something every fat girl needs to feel. Feeling good about ourselves is the only way we are going to stick to this and get healthy.

This is also a fun way to learn a new dance. I could see a group using this to do a dance at a wedding, a flash mob or more!

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Hip shake fitness at home workout schedule

The Not So Good

Overall I am really happy with what Hip Shake Fitness has to offer. That said there were a few problems when I started. Originally I picked the gangster workout program because it was the only one that really seemed like a weight loss workout in the description. I thought this would be the one most people would navigate to. Unfortunately for about a week, I could not find the calendar they had and ended up jumping around. That led to me being frustrated.

I still really loved the videos and how fun they are, so I found another way. After trying the calender a few times I started searching for videos and decided that I would do the same one all week for each week. I am in my third week of doing this and have been much happier. I also prefer to workout during the week and take the weekend off, so their schedule just didn’t work with what I needed doing things this way made it work better for me.

I did contact Hip Shake Fitness and they informed me they had a few bugs and have been working on them. Over the last few days, I have been checking the Closet Gangsta program and the calendar is now there. So that has been fixed as far as I can tell.

Another downside is this is a website, not an app. You will need to have a smart tv or be able to hook up to your computer to do the workouts. I personally would love to see them add an app that you can use with smart tv, Firestick or Chromecast. Until then my laptop and HDMI cord is my friend.

If you are interested in trying out Hip Shake Fitness you can click here to get a free month.

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