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What to Consider Before Getting Your First Pet


There is a lot to think about before getting your first pet. You may have to deal with more then you think you will. Here are some things to mull over before you go and find the right one for you. So much can depend on how much time you have, what kind of pet you want, how active you are, and even how much space you have in the house. Whether you are looking for a puppy that the kids can play with, a feline companion in your first home, or a dog that loves to hike, you need to make sure you have considered all the options before getting one.

Getting your first pet is certainly a learning curb for everyone involved, but is is also a really fun and rewarding experience as well. Read on to find out some things that you need to consider before you get your first pet, so you know which one is right for you. There are many pets to suit many different people and lifestyles, so if you have the time, desire, and often patience, to own a pet you should go for it.


How Much Time Do You Have?

If you and you partner have full time jobs working away from home, you might not have that much time for a pet that requires a lot of attention. Dogs that need lots of walks, attention, and who are quite active, might not suit this kind of environment. If this is the cse with your family, then you might want to consider getting a pet that is low maintenance, or even a cat. This means you can come home to them in the evening, and there won’t be lots of care that they need.

Alternatively, if you are at home a lot, or you can take your pet to work, then getting a pet that is a bit more high maintenance could work for you. If you work out in the open, in field for example, then a dog with a lot of energy would suit your lifestyle. It is worth considering how much time you have to spare when it comes to thinking about what pet would suit you. Make sure you consider this, when looking for your first pet.

Make Sure You Have Some Pet Accessories

If you want to buy a pet, make sure you have some things already at home, ready and waiting for them before they arrive. It’s things like enough pet food to last them for a while, treats from Betsy Farms for when they have been good, a bed, and some toys to keep them entertained. Make sure you get these things in before you take home your first pet, so they can familiarize themselves with their things and the new environment. There is nothing worse than having to go to the shops all the time to go and pick things up for your pet! So make sure you have everything they need as soon as they come home, so you can carry on with playing with them, and helping them settle into their new home.

How Active Are You?

How active your lifestyle is will definitely affect what breed will suit you. If you are not so active then a house cat might be great for you, one that will love being shown affection and pampered! There are also lots of dogs that don’t need as much exercise as others, and won’t be a bundle of energy if this is what will suit your lifestyle. It’s important to consider these things and make realistic choices about what kind of pet you are going to have.

On the other hand, if you are an avid hiker, or are very active and want your dog to be able to keep up with your lifestyle, there are lots of breeds that would suit this lifestyle too. Plenty of breeds have lots of energy, and require regular exercise, and even their mind needs to be exercised too. Your lifestyle is worth considering before you make any big choices, as your lifestyle is unlikely to change overnight. While a dog can be a good incentive to walk and be more active, start with baby steps, and get a breed that suits your lifestyle, and make sure your lifestyle suits your pet.


Remember Vet Bills

This is a big one that may not cross your mind. I know I thought about it, but didn’t really make sure I had the money to cover what I knew needed to be done when you have a male and female cats. I ended up with kittens and though they are cute, I really did not want to contribute to adding to the cat population.

Your pet might require to go to the vets at some point,and the fees can certainly add up. While many animals go their whole lives without injuring themselves, or needing treatment, this is always a possibility. It is worth thinking about the age of the animal, if they need to be spayed or neutered or not, and even the breed too. While many pets are not expensive, make sure you have the funds to take your pet to the vet if ever need to go.

Patience is Key!

When bringing any new animal home, you need to have lots of love and patience so they can settle in. Every pet has a personality, just like people do, which you will discover as they live with you. You need lots of patience for your pet, so they can settle in. It takes different amounts of time for each animal, and it is up to you to create a safe environment for them to explore and feel safe in your home. Training your pet can also be challenging, so keeping a cool head is essential! Putting in the time and effort with your first pet will always be an enjoyable experience that will bring so much to your life.

Here are just a few things that you should consider before you get your first pet. If you have enough time for a pet, then make sure you take some time to consider what kind of pet, or what breed would suit your lifestyle. Getting this right, and taking the time to consider your options, will make your life, and your new pet, a lot happier. It is worth considering some of these points before you go out and get your first pet.

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