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BassBuds Earphone Review

*Disclosure. I received BassBuds earphones to review though fuel my blog all thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. There are also affiliate links in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase I receive a commission.

I am a music person and in order for me to really enjoy my music, I need to hear it with decent quality and not though crappy earphones. Headphones do not come in one quality and spending just a bit more on good ones can really increase your music experience. Good headphones also allow you to really immerse yourself in the music and get away from it all.

Now it’s just not the sound quality that matters but comfort as well. That is why I had to share bass buds earphones with you. Not only do they have amazing sound quality, but they are designed to be comfortable for you to wear. I received a pair to check out.

What I love most about bass buds is that they are comfortable since they come with different ear pieces to use with the ear phones so you can customize them to fit you. I found this really helpful as for me sometimes the piece that goes on in the ear is too big and makes it uncomfortable.

So with bass buds you not only have amazing sound, but you have great comfort as well. I would really recommend these to anyone who loves music or any teen as they also block out sound and we all know teens don’t want to hear anything but their music.

The following is from the bass buds website:

“We’ve sourced the highest quality materials to ensure your BassBuds are built to last. Using precision-cut aluminium housing, embedded with Swarovski ® Elements and wrapped in an anti-tangle, durable cable, BassBuds are super lightweight and slick. With spare silicone and luxury memory foam ear buds included free, pick what is most comfortable for you.”

So check them out and share which type and color you would love to have!

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